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Kirchberg, Winterhalter & Keenan

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Sixteen Premiums! Firt Prize on Best Display. First Prize on Parlor Suite. First Prize on Mantel Mirror. First Prize on Pier Mirror. First Prize on Parlor Desk. First Prize on Marquetric Table. First Prize on Lounge. First Prize on Cornice Pole. First Prize on Lambrequin. First Prize on Reception Cliairs. First Prize on Library Table. First Prize on Bookcase. First Prize on Dining Chairs. First Prize on Hair Mattress. Second Prize on Easy Chairs. Second Prize on Revolving Office Chairs. By írecial request the Firlor Suite, Mantel and Tier Mirror, nnd Library Table and aevenil other artisles of Furniture thnt we were uwanled the Kirst Prizee on, wlll be on exhibition iu onr show windw lnrinï the next werk. Uur I'urlor Suite and Mirrnrs are mssterpieces, büth in desijjo Rlld workronnehip. Our Mantel Mirror has been admirtd viry much ; the i'ombination of Ebony and Mexioan Onyx ha n grnnñ effect. It is the first of the kind ver made. The abuve goods nare been designen and manuiactuved by us. IVo. Í313, Í31S & íál'T Woodward Ave., DETROIT MICH.


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