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Real Estate Transfers

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"David Khnis to Ilenry C. Wtildron, :l strip of land in Northfield aloog line m T. A. and N. Ii. railroad fil'ty fuet widei f 112.60. M. F. ;uid S. W. Wells by tbeir attor-i ney to Harvey and Ilenry ('onnvelJ parcej.8 of land in A. A. town, S4,0Ü0. 1 Adam Mayer to John Frey, Annl Arbor city property, $850. Charles K. VvilliamstoHarrimanandl Green, A.nn Árborreal estáte forchurchl site, $2100. George Thompson to (. W. Slayton,! several paresia f land in Superior, $fi,-l 860. Patricli Martin to William DeBoverJ STpailanti city property, $1000. W. H. wheeler to George Osborn, soB aerea in Augusta, $300. Fidelia II. Fay to llarmon S.IIohnos m Chelsea villaèe tot, $12QQ. .Julia H.Wuson to Charles F. Wiltonl Ann A.rborcity propciiy, S1000. IsTelson Bootn to John T. Ilallock, '''M acres in York. $1300. Ij. C. Hodinan to John G. Zahn, 8(B acrSs in Lima, $5600. Oven Goodspeed to Wm. Freor, 7ol acres in Buperior, $4900. Wm. Leijtz to Augusta Lentz, A. AM city property, $650. QITIT-CLAIV. Nelson Elogers to H. C. Waldron, m strip of land 100 f eet wide on line ofl railroad in tforthfleld, $180. chas. C. Lockwood to il. O. WaldronB Ilio feet strip of land in Salem, $300. Aniirew .1. Leitch to A..I. WordenB Ypsilanti city property, $1. ('. 1'. Worden to Elvira M. WordenB ÜTptUatfti city vroperty, $12.r)C).