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Real Estate Transfers

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Christian Bohnett to Fred E. Buss 20 acres in Lodi. S10U0. Philo E. Galpin to Wm. E. Parker 95 acres in A. A. town. $5,7-10. QUIT-CLAIM. Petar Guiñan to George S. Jewell. 3 paveéis of land ini)exter,40,8Ü,30each $6,500. M. F. and T. C. Guiñan to George S Jewell. 170 acres in Dexter. $7000. David Congdon to M. O. R. R. Lanc in Chulsea. l. Doyle and Billings to same. JIoag and Flager to same Jabez Bacon to same. Ellen Pratt t( same. Haanah J. Boyd to same. Berry and Tichener to same. Cousideration in each case $1. John Margle to Adam Margle. 80 acres in Superior. SI. Frank McConnell to Libbie Beahan 80 acres in Dexter. $500. G. W. (Jook to Charles Kitson. Ann Arbor city property. $50. Lucinda A. Waterbury to Levi S. Freemau. Pareéis of land In Ypsilanti SI. Levi S. Freeman to Lucinda A Waterbury. Property in Ypsilant town. iso consideration stated. F. L. Parker to John Leugane. 40 acres in Suaron. SI. Chas. Whitaker to F. B. "VVhitaker 80 acres in Lima. $1. F. B. Whitaker to Laura Whitaker and others. 80 acros in Lima. $1. Peter ïuite to Michael and Philip Duffy. Equal undivided one-third part of bloïk in A. A. city. $2,500. BanflefcL Perrin and otliers to Win field Bauüeld. Aan Arbor city property