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- "Wise Chelseana are putting in a stock of ice. -Dr. Abram Van Tyno of Chelsea recently departed this life at 82 yearsof age. - Ohelsea reform club owea nothing and has a slight amount in the treasury. . - Nearly all business men of Chelsea agree to close their places of trade on Chris tm as. - Merofaants of Manchester have taken in over 1,000,000 ibs. of dried apples the past f all. -The Messrs. Deubels of Ypsilanti have forwarded over 5,000 barrels of flour to the old country. - Charlea M. Fellows of Sharonlately returned from Vermont with 00, and Couch Dorr with 8 sheep. -John C. Taylorand David B. Taylor of Chelsea, dissolved by limitation Dec. 1. Tlie foriuer will continue tlie business. - Bids for doing tlie janitor's work at the court house will be receivod at the clerk'a office up to noon of January 3d, Ï881. - Ladies of tlie Baptist church of Chelsea held a fair in Mr. Hudler's store on Wednesday and Thuvsday of this week. -Mr. Clarence linker of Ypsilant became entangled in the matrimonia no(#e one day lust week with Miss Hattie Ferry of Fenton. -Mr. W. II. Davenportof Saline retumed from Portland, Micb., last week whither be went to pay the last sad respects to his mother, aged 93 years. - Byron Green, townshlp treasureroi Dexter announees he will be at Gregory"s bank in Dexter village Wednes day Dec. 22 and 29 to receive taxes. - Mrs. Dr. R. E. Douglass of Stoney Creek, died on Thursday of last weck aged 33 years, aftera brief illness which eonflned her to the bed but two days.- She had been ailing sotne three months from a cold which took a corigestive turn. The Doctor will receive the sympathy of all who know him in this his tiour of affliction. - The Ladies' Lectnre Association of Saline have sccured the following speakers for their course, on the dates given: S. R. Fiske, D. D., of Albion college, Dec. 29th; T. Stalker, of Romeo, Jan. 12; Prof. E. Copp, of Ilillsdale college, Jan. 26; Prof. R. Ilmlson, of Michigan university, Feb. 9; Rev. C. T. 'Allen, of Detroit, Feb. 23; Rev. J. Alabaster, of Aun Arbor M. E. church, Itarch 9. - At the quarterly meeting of the southern convocation of the diocese of southern Michigan held in Monroe last week, Revs. Dr. Hall of Ann Arbor and Magoffln of Dexter were present. It was reported that a Sunday school in Stony Creek, containing forty scholars, had been established. 2fext meeting willbe held in St. James' church, Dex:er, on the eveniug of the first ïuesday n March. - Ypsilanti Commercial: "Last week the hired man of Mr. Ilenry Lewis of Cherry Ililí, sold a load of wheat at he mili, took a check for the amount and skipped. The team was leftstandng until it attracted the attention of Mr. Bankers, who placed them in the Barton house livery. The man has not -et turned up. Being a trustworthy man hitherto, foul play is suspected. Tlie check has not been presented for ayment." - Geo. AY. Slayton, whoso residence east of the city was burned last July, was iasured in the AVashtenaw Mutual for $1,700; also in the AVatertown, New York, SöOO. Before the fire, and without givina; notice or securing the consent of the companies, he had transferred his property. Also the f ormer company were not aware of the existence of a second policy. Ilaving thus violated the by-law.s of the company, payment was refused. The case was submitted to two arbitra tors. They could not agree, and now a third party is added. - Ypsilanti Commercial. - Visitors to Detroit intending to purchase Ohristmas gtfts must not forget to cali on the elegant jewelry establishment of F. Rolshoven, 70 Woodward avenue. We would respectfully cali attention to tho extensive preparations that Mr. Rolshoven has made for the holiday time. His diamond case contains many rare gems, stones of tho purest water, set in elegant ear drops; lace pins, cluster rings, studs, &c, it will be pleasure for everyl)ody to look at thesu alone. lia ving butrecently returned f rom ]STew York, with a very large stock of diamonds, purchased at import prices, he can offer them at prices not to be duplicated elsewhere. Por fine gold ladies' andgentlemen's watches, no sucli elegant selection has ever been shown in Detroit as can be found at his establishment. The famous Elgin and AV altham movements, encased in tlie latest style gold cases, also Howard and other standard makers' watches to be found in his stock. In the line of jewelry, his selection is unsurpassable. Ladies' gold sets in mosaic, painted, carneo, turquois, and all other new styles, to be found in large variety at his store. For fine gold bracelets and les. voii "au lililí ívfiry nnvolty tliat is made, such as are now worn. The Frerich slock, and bronze, sterling silver and silver plated ware departmenta are well stocked with all the newest pateras. It would make a long list to mention all the elegant goods that are displuyed at Mr, F. Rolshoven's, 70 Wbodward Ave., that are especially adapted for Christmas presenta. lie has been estnblished since the year 1855, his reputation for selling good goods is unexcelled. A visit to his store is invited. The large increase in his business in the past years, has brought him ín rank to have one of the finest jewelry stores in the west. And during the holiday time in particular, he proposes to offer excellent bargains to every one that favors him with a visit.


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