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The literal meaning of tliis word is to makeover agaia; but in its ordiaary accept :il ion it 13 inteiulcd to ccnivey tlie idea of res;, refreahment or rsther, renovalion. The body is refreshed by rest; the brain is reno vat cd by sker, by absolute repose. . 15ut body and brain may be invigorated for a season by cbanging the direction of their respective nctivities. And also by working alternatoly. A man who bqp becoriie tired of riding on horsebaek or ín a carriage, resta liimself, gels rids of bis fatigue by walking. The brnin which has become weaiT in thinking of one subject ís refresheo by some other study. On the other hand, a man who feels" tired all over, by vvork, or a long walk will get rested sooner by sitting down to read than if hc did nothing - Rachel, the great ti'agio aetre?s, when returaing from eaot he-rperformanees at two or three o'clock in ihe nioriring, rested herself by spending an hour or two in chsnglng the fumiture of bcr rooms. The best sedative which a pnblic speaker can tafee after a great effort is to read a newspaper, or anythrfig else tluit has a varioty of short statements. The great practical idea we to coiifey is, that recreation is not Mleness, but a change of directie the operation of the physical or mental forces. A French actress Iately went mad within an hour after the because she went home, laid down and let the mind run on in the same track. She should have changed to bodily ao tivity like Rachel.- HalVs Journal of Health. Mr. Lincoln used to teil a story atioat a big Hoosier who came to Washington, durug the war, and ealled upon a street Arab for a shine. Looking at the tremendous boots before kim, ho ealled out to a brother sluncracross tha street:: "Come over and help, Jimmv, l've got an ariAV ooaUacL"


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