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Real Estate Transfers

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Daniel B. Newton to Albert D. Newton. Land in township and city of YpSilanti. Í2,:'.li..r,4. Robert Lambie to Patrick Martin. 28i acres in Superior. $1 ,500. Abraham Filkins to Martha Filkin3. 40 acres in Superior, (1. Mary L. Baxter to lïarriet M. Sage. Ann Arbor city property, SI ,200. Samuel J. Guerin to A. Mortimer Freer. Clielsea village propertv, 91,200. W. B. Osborne to John F. Haussler. leO acres in Sliaron, $11, 000. Eugene M. Childs to Horace L. Dolbee. 40 acres in Augusta, $S00. E. W. Morgan to Frederick Gauss. i Lot in Ann Arbor city, $175. ( 'liarles Avery to Lyman Grady. 80 . acres in f?aline, $42f. Lyman Grady toGeoi II. Moon. 20 ■ acres in Saleio, $400. Geoige Osbome to John Carter. 10 acres in Saline, $400. Mary Ann Martin to Patrick Martin. ■ Ann Arbor city property, $800. '' Lucretia Bbuart to Frank I. Moon. - Salem village lot, $150. 1 EffleJ. High to Joseph M. Lazelle. Manchester village lot, $300. QÜIT-CLAÏM. Thomas M. Cooley to John T. Ilalloek. Ann Arborcity propëvty, $1. Devincey Allport to w alter C. Brass. 25 acres in Webster, S2ir. Hiram W. Hammond to Helen Jï, Corbett; 20 acres in Augusta, f 1, Hiraoi W. Hammond to Hylaa JI;immond. 50 aeres ín Augusta, SJ. Mártha Cobbell to John Cobbell. Pareéis of land in Pittsücld, 1500. Henry Depew to John Cobbell, X3arcels of land in Pittsfield, SI.