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Chelsea, Dec. 29. - It is unusnally quiet here both aa to business and amuseincnls ior the holiday leason. - Mr Myatt Kyan a Birmese student at Ann Arbor will lecture to-night on the custotns and habita of nis people. - Miss Jennie Hoag has resigned her place as a teacher in the school hoie and Miss Cora Levvis takes here place. - Far more than the usual amount of tíixes will be unpaid on the first of Jan. in this township this time on, account of the WhMt blockade. - The average citizen about her:; longftth for at least a small part of that eleven feet of snow that was prophesied to be here last week. - The Hobyns dramatic conibination falled to put in appearance liere Mondiv nifflit as advertised. Tt is reported that the troupe hus buated qp. - The M. E. church sunday school had Jacobs Well and the Consfregfttionalists had St. Xicholas' Bazar. Christm;is eve, for the benefit of tlie children. - The township of Sylvan includtnj? Chelsea, Rlready bas over 300 volers sisrned to the petition asking the legislatura to submit to a vots of tho people the prohibition constitutional amendment. - Andrew Morton and family rfturned here lust week fróiri a three years sojonrn at Elk Rápida, and wil] engage in business hcre again. ïliey have many frien la here who gladly welcome thern back. - The Hudler builiding on the west sida of Main street is Iet to two men from Jack son who wil] dispense groceries and i&ngle foot from it to the people. It had better have stood k!le still longer than be thus occupied. - Tho A. O. U. W. Lodge of Chelsea held its élection of oüieers last week wliich resulted as follows: J. Bacon, M. W.; L.H.Sparks, G.F.; E. McXamara, P.M.W.; ('has. Canfleld, ().; P.B.Taylor. H.; C.E.Babcock, F.; II.Liglitliall, R.; J. M. Wooil, G.; W. A. Campbell, I. W.; M. Staffan. O. W. - The reform club held its annual meeting and élection of officers last night. The report of the financial secretary showed that near $100 had been collected in this township this year for all tempcrance purposes and that the club begins the new years with $23 in its treasury. The following offieevs were elected for the coming year: President, Dr. Ii. B. Gates; vice presidenta, D. B. Taylor, H. Lighthall and J. F. Harrington; secretary, C. E. Babcock; financial sec. and treasurer, T. Wilkinson; steward, C. II. Kempf; marshal, Perry Barber; chaplain, O. S. Laird; choiristei', M. McAlister; organist, Mr. Libbie Tichenor. From A nother Correspondent. Chelbea, Dec. 29. - A "Happy New Year" to the Aröts. - What has become of that entertaining Dexter seribeï -We enjoyed the holidays, even if there wasn't sleighing. - Rev. Iludson delivered an excellent temperance lecture on Sunday evening. - Mr. George Confín of Sharon, died the other day of diphtheria. Buried at Manchester. -Miss Jessie Everett was precipitated down the stairs of the M. E. church on Friday evening. Xothing serious, however. - Wffl Cora Lewisishome from Pontiac and will, we understand, assume charge of second primary department in place of Miss Jennie IIoag,resigned. - To judge from the large number of turkies, ducks, etc, that have poared from Steger's poultry hall, the people " tickled their stomachs" muchly about Christmas time. - On Friday morning of last week, Prof. Parker was presented by the High School scholars with the complete works of Shakespeare and of Mrs. Ilemans.- Miss Kishlar,preceptress,received some elegant toilet articles from the same souree. - As usual, hearts were made merry at Christmas time. St. Xioholas' Bazar was represented at the Congregationai shurch with Prof. Parker as the holy saint. At the M. E. church, the first part of the evening was taken up by exercises by the Sabbath school. Miss E. Foote rendered " The Last Ilymn " in fine style. Then carne "Jacobs' well," from which the presents were drawn by "Jacob " and ''Kachel."


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