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-Mis. E. L. Clark oí Adrián paya $3, 217 taxes this year. - fió unfortunates find a winter home in Monroe's poorhouae. -The legislature will meet at Lansing on Wednesday next. - S. Hart & Co., liquid paint manufacturers of Detroit, have faifeti. - Measles and chicken pox have taken 5-5 scholars fromthe Birmingham school in one week. - Kansing liad a $4.000 fire on Wednesday. Several low-priced residences were consumed. -John P. Stewart, a pioneer of Southtield, Oakland county, died lec. 22, aged 83 years. - The Adrián Times is spurring np its Beighbors to secure the state fair for thé next two years. - There are 55 saloons in Ingharn county, with a total tax collection frorn the saine of $7,123.78. ■ - Charles Wright was fatally injnred while feiling a tree in Southlield, Oakland county, Dec. 24, by the tree falling I upon him. -The Adrián Times says that 1 riek McAdam of that city laid the first I rail for a railroad west of the Alleghany mountains. - Miss Theresa Haley, while crossing the railroad track at Iludson, Christmas day, was struck by an engine and instantly killed. -Miss Ilattie Croswell of Adrián, is acting as private secretary to her father, and has charge of the executive office at Lansing. -Miss Ella Eldredge, daughter of Col, N. B. Eldredge, was married in Adrián City Tuesday evening, to W. P. Smith of Ionia. -The Board of Supervisors of Lenawee County, Wednesday increased the salary of Probate Begister from $600 to S900 per year. -President R. A. Beal has called the next annual meeting of the Michigan Press Association at Lansing, on Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 2 p. M. -The Michigan Central railroad has paid all claims arising Trom the accident at Jackson, last October, in full. They amounted to $70,000. - Whooping cough, measles, mumps, chicken pox, typhoid fever and severe colds are the diseases that Grass Lake is afflicted with at present. - News. -The ladies of St. Paui's church, Jackson, presen ted the wife of their rector, Mrs. Johnson, $100 in gold and somevaluable lace, on Christmas eve. -On Tuesday evening, at Marshall, the foundry. machine shop, blacksmith shop and agricultural warehouse, the property of John Adams, were destroyed by fne. -25 deputies of the out-going sheriff of Oakland county, Mr. Stanton, met at the court house at Pontiac one day last week and presented him with a gold-headed cane. -In Fredonia, Calhoun county; the boys got up an extensivo rabbit hunt, sent the game to Xew York, and applied the f unds received towards the , dation oí a church debt. - According to his generous custom for a number of years, ex-gov. Bagley sent a large quantity of confectionery, oranges, mits etc.,to the reform school for boys at Lansing, for Ohristmas. -The Flint Globe says that as smart a city as Flint is not always going to get álong without water works, and that if the city as a municipality does not want to undertake the enterprise individual capital will. - The Lake Shore Road is meeting with series of continued badluek in the vicinity of Adrián. Tuesday evening the 6 o'clock freight, going west, was wrecked at Dover turnout, flve and a half miles west of Adrián. - Mrs. Henry Ingram of Battle Creek has not been able to retain a partiële of food upon her stomach for over eight weeks. At the commencement of this state of affairs she was taken suddenly sick while at a dentist's office, and has been confined to her bed ever since. - Rev. Mr. Carpenter, an Episcopal minister of Toledo, was robbed at Monroe of a gold watch and $80 in money, Dec. 23, on board a Lake Shore train just as the train drew up to the depot. A man asked him the time of day, and as Mr. C. drew out his watch seized it and two others threw him down and went through his pockets so quickly that the other passengers did not notice tliern. - Joseph Comby, an employé of the firm of Snook& Iiobinson, in the sta ve business, at Mt. Clemeaa, was killed by the tipping over of a load of staves he was driving to Detroit Tuesday The supposition is that he became numb from the intense cold, and when the team slieared off into the ditch was unable to save himself, and was buried under the load, 7hen he was taken out life was extinct. He leaves a wife and three children. - Baw Beese Lake, made famous by Ilillsdale oarsmen, is now covered by men and teams gatliering the ioe from its surface. Not less than 80,000 tons will be put up at this lake and others i in the immediate vicinity. The ice business has become a very important j feature of the business of Hillsdale, I quite a large amount of capital being invested therein; and employment furnished to largo number of men during the season of putting up and cutting ice, -The JTashville News says: Frank Reynolds had a peculiar dream on Tuesday night, in vvhieh he imagined that he was tho viotlm of a terrible accident, and was literally torn to pieces by machinery. At the breakfaat table ho related his visión and saií} he feit strongly impressed that somothing woiild happtm to bim that day. So strong were his feara of foreboding evil that he took extra cara in the morning to examine the plaiier in Wood's shop, where he was at work, andfound one of the knives loost), which, )ind it not been discovered, would probably have resvilted jn a dangerous if not a fatal accident to the-dreamer. - CUarles Young a farmer, living near Brighton, died Monday night a liorrible death froin what was at first suposed to be black or putnd erysipelas. ïhe lower partion of his abdomen rotted avvay, as it were, before his death, and his body was bmied almost as soon as life was oxtinet, because of the stenoli it created. ít has now been ascertained that a cow of his had a running sore in its head and that he had been doctoringit for some time. It is supposed that in some way he became inoculated with the virus frorn the sore by uegjtactiiig to thoroughly cleans.e ljjij handB, which brought him t,a bis horrible and UB. timely ieath.


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