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THE SUNFOR 1881. Ererybody reidi' The Sun. In Uie eiitions of th.s newspr.r thrqugbuut the year to comaerery body will fiiid! I. All the worldM nw, so preaented tht the renner will gal the greatest amount üf infonuation vrith tbc least ucprotitable expeuditure ol time and eyesifcbt. Tuk St lone ago dUcoTereü the goldeu meau betweon rednudant fulntss and nusatiafRctory brerity. II. Much of tliat ort of newi whioh dependí leas upoii ils rtcognized iniportHuce than upon ita interest to mankind. From uiorniu}? to ninruintpTHE Hun prints & oonticued story ol tbe livea of real men and wcmen, and of their deeds, plans, loves, hatwa, and troubles. Thia story 19 more vurted and motointerestiDu thau any roniauc that wa cti Tiied. III. Good writing in evry column, and frehnes, origiimhty, accuvacy, aod decorum In the titi1mtiiit of every subject. IV. Honmt comiurut. Tiik Bün's habit is to sppitk out f(i;lessly about men and things. V. Kqual eandor lo dealing with oach politioal party, and equal readiuesB to commend what is pruifceworthy or to rebuko what is blamable in Dernocrat or Ke)ublican. VI. Absolute inciepetidence of partisan orsanizntion, but uiiwnvering loyalty to to true Democratie principies. Tut Sun believes that Ihe Government whioh the Constituí ion givcg us tg a good one to keep. lts notion of duty ia to retsist tu its ulmoht power the eftürts of men in the Ri'pnblicnn party to set up another form of froverninent in plaoe of that whieh exista The yeai 18land I meiiiat. ly fi.llowing will probably decide this uprernely important contest. Tn&SliN believes that the vietory will !ie witli tbe people as ag:iint the flinfrs fir monopoly, th Hmgi for plunder, and tho Rings í'or imperial power. Our teirri8 are aa follows : For the Daily Sun, a four pafe shest of twentyeU'htcoIumiiF, the prico by mail. post paid. :s 55 cenlsa monlh, or 80.50 arear; or, lnciumng tita Snnd:iy paper, p.n ei.L'ht-page sheet of fifty-aix culuinns. tlie price is 65 cents a month, or $7.70 a year, po.t;tLf paid. Tbe Sumlay ertition of The Sun if also furnished aeparately at $1.20 n year. postujre paid. The price of the V;;i:ki,y Sun, ciííht pnítes, fil'typix columns, is SI a year, postase paid. For clubs of ten senuing $10 we will aend an extra copy free. Addrews ï. W. Engi.and, Pnblishei of The Sun, Nw York City. aoiiais: ppnt riy mail prepaul on reccipt of prif-e. We guaranteesix boxea to cure any cae. Wilh uch order rcceived by 3 tor six hoxes, aocomIKinied wiih Ove dollars, -n-p -will send the pmchaer our written punrantee (o return the m npy il' the trcutnient does not effect n cure. Guarnnteei issned imly wlien the treatment on'.ered direct fiom us. Addmt JOHN C. WKST & GO., Sole Proprietnrs. 1SI & 1S3 W Madison St., Chicago, 111 Sold by H. J. Brow.n 4 Co., Ann Arbor. Tl. e dump Tvenüier nml cliillipg winds of ttif tipproHchlnL' eonson rabjaela ai.i. lo opent, no maittr liow lifnlll;y, we are mt Iht Uu snsc. put.le to an intn.k ot (OCOHS. COLDS, BRONCHITIS, PI.F.UIUHY.SpiTTiNo OF riLOOD, Cattabkh of the tiend, rhlrli ïf Dot properjy attundcd to tnds In CONUt'MPTION. TOWN'B ÜHONCHIAr. SYKtTP ÍS H l'ORITIVE CUfiK. Wlth bul the nominit] cost of TScents jou procuro Ihis Indy smrrtign rt-medv. BRONCilIAl. PYliVP is gnaranterd hT 11 d iti irirïats and dealen In medicine to pire entikk satii-faction. Tiy it and he conviuccd of ita keal UZR1T. MABCEAt'8 I-TVEK and Jrt-P.ilio,n COMF iUNO eures uil I.ivcr and bilious dir-pasee, nutitieg the blnod, eqtnilize the ciroulntion and restores to perfect heulth the enfebled systpm. FAKHAM), WILLIAMS & CO., Affciits, DETROIT. Forsale hy II. J. BKOWN CO., Ann Arbor. ET YOUK PÜÜPERÏY INVJT 8ÜEED BY C.H. M1LLEN, Insurance Agent No. 4 Boutb Main Streel, AXNARBOK, - JUICH ;.:5The oldest agency fn the city. Eatablished aquarterot a century ago. ltepreauting tbt foüuwiug iirst claaa oopinanieK Home Insurance Co. of N.Y., Assrts orer ?fl,P00,00 Continental Ins. Co. of N. T., Aset over S3,onn,00 Niagam Fre Iua. Co., N. Y., Aset Sl,442.40 Oirard oí P11., Auets overSl,000,00( Oriënt of Hartford, Assets$700,00( Commercial Union of London, Asaett 3,00n,0d( Rates low. Losse liberally adjusted n proaiptlypaid. C. H. MILLKN. WANT ED ! PAIII8 WHO W1LL FUT TIES3OR TilBER O III Lina ol the Toledo, Aun Arhor autl SurtSitaütern Rallroad. Tha Company ba billa tor a bout SO.Of'O fcet of culïert and cattle pass timber for wtrffk it willj PAY THE HIGH EST CASH PRICE As loon ai deüvered on tbe lino of tTie road. They will aUü pay eash for tiet as follows ; S5 ceuta for OaV; 25 ceats for Ash aud T.tmaract. Dimensión: 8 fcet loiiy , 8 iuch face, C iocb thlck. CÍF Adt party wlio irill put milis into the woods aad contract for o lurge quantity cun obtain udvuntaycuu terms. For ipecificatiouB on ti ait er, Ac, apply to H. W. ASHLET, Cornti Wnfhin;ton and M n St:tett ANJi ARBOR. MICH. fel! flÜisfl a MulEÑ i I jyjONEY TO LET On Uood Farm Mortgages OF SI. OOO AND ÏPWAKDS. Terms ey. Addrlss, 46-13t BEAKIS ê CüTCHEON, Detroit.


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