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Hawks & Angus Have Balked

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Mayor Copelaud asked Aldermau Arthur Brawu to wiSbe to Hawks it Angus to see it' the position of tbe Jatter on rade separatlon could lie detcrmined. Tuesday Mr. l'.rown recéivd a reply from 'Mr. Il.iuks wlik-li looks as If they lntended to do oothiug towarda this improvement. "I don't know why electflc lines should bc carrled into politics," said .Mr. Hawks, "and 1 do not know uliy a bridge should be c-arried hito hile newspapers." Mr. Hawks Infonned Mr. Brown thát he didn't see an.v reason why they SllOUld want to elévate the Aun Arbor railroad tracks and intlmated that if Aun Arbor gtves Boland a franchise motlifled to suM liim mi the gtrengtb of $10,000 of securities whlcb are nqt made j -.nili-. then Aun Arbor oughl to do something when it comes to talk i' Jfriwks ,fc Angus putting up $30,000 cash. The posltlon of Mr. Hawks is thai on November 6 Mr. Angus made a propo-iiion that if Mayor Copeland would get a written agreemenl from the Aun Arbor road to elévate thetr tacks and If Mayor Copeland would get Hawks A: Aogua ' tempoarary ca-oeeíng over the Ami Arbor road, then they would dónate .faO.fMK). lint "we must know in ten days."' Xhey liold that thetr proposltiou 1 pirtvi on November lfl lasr. It looks as f grade separatlofl is a clead duek tn tbe Ann Arbor pond íor i 11 time to come nnless the i-it.v bullds brldges at every street crósslng. Ai ihe saine time the couneil shonlil m.ike Hawks & Angus come to time, wlien they ;isk añythlng more btf tbe city or seeb to cross the Aun Aíbor tracks.