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No More Tolls Will Be Paid

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The Cranehlse oí the Ann Arbor and i.'mü Plank Road Co. expired yesteriay and eonsequently uu more tolls uill be collected. The company lias heen n existence lor 60 years, and during that time they llave knproved it so that the Saline mail !s fenown as (lic best country thoroughfare in (Michigan. Xhe company has adrertised to sell its property and the proceeds win be dlvlded among the stocliholders. The couipany uivcs to the city of Ann Arbor the drinking fouutain locate'd uear the tol! gate on the eondltion that: the city inaintain it either at its present location of a1 som e other S. rilaln streel at a ]ioint south of the track ol' the Ann Arbor Kailioad company. The toll gate extends some teet into the highway and the city has glven perinlsslon for the gate house to be ï-etalned in its present location nntil sprhig, when the bnllding will be removed entirely from the street. It would be interest i ng to know just how mucli money has been taken in and expended on the road during these 00 years.