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It Is Measles Not Smallpox

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Sreemaii Campbell .the dental student on S. i'ourth avenue, lm was aupxiÓHed to have the sniallpox, has tUe mea síes. Jr. Anicil, who is attendlng liini. prououbced the case undoubtedly measl-s Wednesday aiorning, and Dr. Doek ugreed with hhn in the diagnosis. The smallpox quarantine lias been raiseii and a measlea quarantine substituted. 'i'his news win be a greal relief to many studeuts who hav gnpposed that they have been exposd to sniall]in. Dr. Kapp says tli.u f Hiere has been any mlstake made ii was on the Slde of pp ction to the public, an.l he s.i.s: ] win protect the public In the Manie n-ny, and I will pump medicine into everj case ofsiuallpox, snake blte or anytliing else." The cuse oL Miss Effle M. I'arhani. the junior literary student at the suiallpox hospital, is. bowerer, a genuine cas( of smallpox. lt is aot varioloid bul smallpox, but In ;i somewhat mild i'iii-m. Aithouiili she is still qnlte s;k. shr is doing nloely. In the C'umpbell caso considerable exci temen I had been ereated among the student body. l[l-. Dunlap, who conducted the ehemlstry examinatton las! Kriday aftemoon, wliich Campbell attended, after mai'ldng bhe examination papers, ilnvw them all Into the hirnace, as Campbell's papers had lain with tl. cm. The uve studente who were quaranttned wiiii Campbell ai the room ing place (in Fourth avenue tried to look cheerful and make the best of the situation. They invented all kinds f amuse menta to pass the time away. 'l'uesday tlicy tOOk ]ilaccs ai wimlows and as passers by glanced ip and sa-,v the terrible word "amallpox" placarded on the house the stwdents uoiild place a hand palnted slgn oooooooooo' O BUBB'BH O OOOOOOOOOO agalust the window and tlien glve who were enjoying the freedom of the outside workl the merry lia-ha. statement: r.v the board of HEALTH. This is done partly in response to numerous iuqulriea relatlve to the prevalence oí sniallpox in the city. There is but one case in the city at present a young adv. literary student wiio fornierl.v roomed at No. 503 10. Aun Street She is at present in the DnivérBlty pest house and the house where she roomed is quarantlned. Qpon the 20th it was reported that a oT smallpox had appeared at No. 3()T S. Fourth avenue-a Mr. Oampbell, 1504 dental student. The house was inimediately placarded "smallpox" as it was deemed best to take ampie preoaution even in a suspected case. ïnii eminent diagnostltlana ere asked to examine the case and yesterday announced UDqimlifledly that Mr. Campbell lias measles and the quarmime is removed and lifted go far as the other límales of the house are conerneil and the placard upon tlie liouse :hanged. The board lias repeaiediy feit the leed oí a deíention hosjiital where sus:ected cases may be placed and cared for umil dia.miosed recovored. Tliis want lias heen provkled for and a suitible house, furnlture and attendanta are now ai the Inamedlate service "t' the board. To this place all suspected ases can lie taken upon an hour's notice. There need be uo alarm as ampie tnd complete provisión lias been made for care and removal of cases almost 80 soon as they are reported.