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Y. M. C. A. Made A Branch Library

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The action oí the board of edueation at their meeting l;ist ÍTuesday night. the V. M. C. A. was made a branda of the iuilic eireuatlug Ubrary ui: the high school. Hereaftej any book n thls large Ifbrary can be liad by apiplylnf 'i assitci.itii'i. rooms. Besictes u inuiilicr of liociks will be kí-pt 'at the r. M. i'. A. Por periodá oí tbree or four and then returned and ehanged tor B ni'W sel. Tile sanie rulos wilt ;tyiti thelr clrcolation as in the high school. 1'. ' is v.; :_ wlde ranjí'J tí u.iim '(:, wili iw brought wl'-HI i tin: [eacic ni everal jundreds oí yjuaa inwi un! liovs who would never tblnk t gOÍllg tu lile hlfïll school build'ug for tiicin. ïhus the desire so ofcirj xi.ii's.-cil iiy our eadliig eitizens :i public iibrary down town is beginning ti) h'c reaUaed, In a smal] way at least 'i'iic lirst Inetallmeni oí :'.o booka has already been placed m ihc Shelveg and the ürst nlghi saw a numbei drawn out. The V. 'M. C. A. readlng rooms are open to the pubHc, and anj young man uiay speud liis leisure hours there feading these booka ar tlip maga zincs and Other pcriodirals to bo fuuni du the tables. Afcx-lation men win have the privilege oí taking Uw books to their homes.