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Wants It Closed In Thirty Days

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The following letter was rcceived Satarday aïternöob by Mayor Oopeianl frpm H. W. Aflhley, general manager of the Arm Arbor railroad. Mayor Copeland lias as yet recelved no answer to hls letter or telegram to ■ Hawks & AngUS, and say.s hc does nat know wi'aí to thiink of tlieir ellence. He thlnks onlinary eonrtesy wonM reiiuiiv an answer: Toledo, Jan. 17. R. S. Oopeland, Beq., Mayor. Aun Arbor: My Dear sir- It is not probable that stee) bridges ordered In Pebruary could be i ked for deHvery earlier chan September, ir anythlng looking to grade separatton in Ann Arbor is imdertaken for ihc curre'nl year, the leglslatlon and contract should le concluded wdtbin 30 ctays. Keispeetfully, II. V. ASIII.KV. Manager.