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The Report Of The Prosecuton

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Prosecutiug Atto-rnev .Tobn Duiïy Friday ofternoon flled hi.s semi-annual report He ean Ih oongratulateü on tbe Show-lng he luis made. He has carefully guarded the interesta of taxpayers. Durtng the past mix months, ending Déc. 31, there have been 32-i proeecutlons. Otf these 289 were convictcd, :; acquttted, 7 dlscontimied on payment of costa, 18 were noli prossed, 1 disdharged on examination and o srtfled. The cases in dotall are as follmvs: ('niolty to animáis, :!: asaault wiih intent to do greát bodlly liarm, 3; assaull and battery, 30; burglary, 8; concealed weapons, 6 dlsorderllea (a) drunkard, (b) g-amlng 1, (c) non-support of l.iinily 1, (d) eommon prostitute ■_'. (e) eommon prostltute secotté offense 1, (f) 'keeping house of prostltutlon 2, (g) vagrancy 18, (h) juvenlle disorderlit-s 2; drunkenneSe in streot, 153; in other public places, .X; false pretenses, obtalning money by, 4; violation of game law, öhootlng out of season, 2; Indecent exposure of person, 1: latoor Ia-w violation. -hill laboi', l; larceny (a) loss Uian 23, 27. üi frin pcison 1, (c) dweillng In day time S, (d) liouse 2; liquor law vfolatlon (a) after honra l, (b) liolidays :;, (c) obstruetlng view of the bar 2. {é) seillng to minors 1, (e) without 1 (fi Sunday 1; resistiiiíí öffleers, 2; dïsturMng peace, 5; disosiiiK of personal property held under eontract f purctoise, 1; malicióos destructiou ol' sanie, 2; inalioious ijijury :o, :!; maílclous Injary to ;i mili daru. 1; dkrturbing public meeting, 2; railoals, boardlng trnin in luotion, (; seareü warrant, 2; seduction, 1; malicious destruotion oí teleph)ne coininutlcation. 2; threats, 2. The larger sentences of tbose convlcted were for imrliu-y. one fcwo vciirs in inni;!. three received two yars in moptlis, Ionta, and two to Fackson for ñve. yeara -neh. Other lentenoes wöré fo'ur to fhe Industrial ïoiiH1. one to Detroit house of eorrecion )ne year, two to Ionia eight nonths each, and one to Jack son for ivo yeara and one for ten years. Evil doers had Letter avoid Washenavv county.