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$2.50 SENT FRfcE! The Well-Known Chicago...

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$2.50 SENT FRfcE! The Well-Known Chicago Heart Specialist, FRANKLIN MILES, M. D. LL B..WÍII send $2.50 Worth of His New and Complete Treatmentto Our Readers There never was a better opportunit.y for'persons suffering from diseasea of the heart, nerves, Uver, stomach or dropsy to test, f roe, u New and Complete Treatinent of ttiese flisorders. Dr. ïüies is wen kiiowii is a leadlng specialist in these 'llseases. and his liberal offer is c-ertainly worthy of serious coDBideratlon by every afllicted reader. TMs new ystem of Special Treatroent is thoroughly scientilic and immensely superior to the ordinary methods. It includes severa] remedies earefully selected to suit each individual and is the final result of twentyflve years of very extensive research aud erperlence in treating this class of diseasea. lt eonsists of a curative elixir, tonic tablets, laxative pills and usually a piaster, selected for eacn case. Kxtensive statistics clearly demónstrate that Dr. Miles' Xew Treatment is three times as successful as the usual treatment. Thousands of remarkable testimoniáis from prominent people will be sent free whlch provea the doctor to be one of the world's most successful ph.vsicians. Mr. Julius Keteter of 360 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, tostifles that Dr. Miles cured him after ten able pliysiclang had failed. Mrs. H. Trimmer of Greensprlng, 13., was cured after many physicians had pronounced her case "hopeless." Col. E. B. Spileman of the 9th United States Regulara, located at San Diego, Cal., says: "Dr. Miles' Special Treatmetn has worked wonders in my son's case when all else failed. I had omployed the best medical talent and had spent. $2,000 in so doing. I believe he is a wonderful specialist. I eonStder it my duty to recommend liitn." "Por years I had ever trouble witb my stomach; head, neuralgia, sinking spells and dropsy. Your treatment entirely cured me," writes Hon. W. A. Warren of Jamestown. X. Y. As all affllcted readers may have $2.50 worth of treatment espeeially adapted to their case, FHEE, we would advise them to send for it at once. Addresg Lr. Franklln Wiles, 201 to 209 State St.. Chicago. Mention this paper. ,