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Hasn't Much Use For Dogs

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A farmer iu ilreen üak. a township just nortb oí Washtenaw, witli i penchant íor figures, huinches out ib the South Lyon Excelsior with a diatribe ugaius-t dogs. His figures are interesting. Il-e aya títere are 90 dogs ou tbe assessment roll of Green Oak. iml that t costs as inuch to feed the average dog as to feed (30 hens. This at tirst blush, he aeknowledges, seems wkle of fhe mark but the dog is fed thm? time u day for 3ijó duys or 10ÍI5 iiniÍH a year, while the hen is fed twice a lay for four months or 240 mea Ís aud has to scratch for herst-lf tbe reet oí' fhe year. This beiug granted, 5466 lieu-i -au be kept at the expense of keepiug di) dogs. Xow, he says. the lien will furnish 10 dozeu eggs or (XK.I tlozeu eggs for (0 hens, whlch ii VI t?uts a dozen is $72, then the hens will bring 50 cents each in Fetn-uary or $30 more, which makes $102 receípts fitiu the hens which the food on0 dog consumes would keep, or $'MH) íor the ÍX dogs. In spite of the f act. lie admlts, that some may tliink lie onght to be sent to a district school to giet his head repoired, lie continúes: "l would not have the dog vi]Ksl off ihe globe. Uut 1 woukl have a few nlcè spet-lniens set up for the musenms, and a few live specimens kei in the zooktgic.'il gardens."