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Dr. Klingman Has Resigned

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A meeting of the joint board of trustees of the Michigan asylums was held at Pontiae Thursday. A paper read foy Dr. J. D. Munson, of Traverse City, entitled "Research Work in the Asyluros," furnished the prinoipal topic for discussion. It appears that lr. Theo. Klingman, assistairt to Dr. AV. D. Herdman, of the University of Michigan, has resigned as state pathologist, and the general subject of pathólogy was discussed. Eaeh insíitution has a pathologist who conducís original reeearcbes into the causes of insanity, performing postmortem exarninations upon each patient who dies In the asylum, examining the brain and other vital organs, in an effort to trace the cause. All nvaUable information is gathered and the woirk of the pathologists has been sent to Dr. Klingnian for review. It is proposed to establlsh a central t peau or state departrnent, with a speciallst in charge, where the Information, üratistics, etc., gleaned at the different asylums, as well as a library, shall be collected. Gov. A. T. Bliss, wlid was preseat at the meeting, i dorsed the scheme in a short