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of So. Glen Falls, N. Y., describes a condition which thous_____r.___ ands of men L. D. Palmer. Pe, for P and get a personal corroboration of what is herc given. He says regarding Dr. Miles' Heart Cure: "I suffered agonizing pain in the left breast and between ray shoulders from heart trouble. My heart would palpítate, flutter, then skip beats, until I could no Jonger lie in bed. Nightafter night I walked the floor, for to lie down would have meant sudden death. My condition seemed almosthopelesswhen I began taking Dr. Miles' Heart Cure, but it helped me from the first. Later I took Dr. Miles' Nervine with the Heart Cure and the effect was astonishing. I eornestly implore similar sutfercrs to give these remedies a trial." Sold by all Druágists on Euai-antee. Dr. Miles Msdlccl Cc, Clk-hart, Ind.