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Chelsea Should Get In Line

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ChetSea, Mich., .l.-ui. 'Mrs. Brown, mi [ma ('enter. :i n iil and respected esMont. the mother of Julia Brown of hat place and Mis. Mark Ormaby of Patiac, ilicii at her homo Wednesday -anunihii; of pneumonía. Louis Barth, wiio resides wltJi Iiis hrather, August, on theOooke farm, in Syi.ui. is seriously IU. Ir. Xhos. Jjtliaw, of Y]si];ii)ti. was called TtaeeJaj- ni.nht id lmlil a eonsultatlon vitli J)r. S. !. Bu8li, the physiclan ín charge of the case. The entertainmeni giren by Miss ■Mi-Kiiinon. of Saline, at the opera ïouse last evening was wel] attended. Xonight at o'clock, at the home of -jthe bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I'ranf Beemau, of tliis place, will occur the marrlage of thelr dènshter, Miss Belle, to Mr. Willtem Zeek, of ,Jackson. The Epwortn leagne of Xortli Lake, 'il hold ;i iiox social at the home o 9ir. Jiiitl iMrs. Ed. Daniels on Friday ■eveninir. January 31. A tepresentative of the Abiioit votinfi Machine Co. is here trying tb coa■rinw the townshlp board t lm t they are soroly 111 peed of one or more of these ÍBJU'llillt'S. S;r;i)i .1. LaTour, of Detroit, deputy (Kat commander of Hie L. O. T. M., will Insta 11 the ncwly elected oÉlcers f Oolumbdan hlve "i Wednesday evening, Jan. i"-. The regular review -will be Tiicsday evenlng next. Unce the D., Y.. A. A. .1. line has ftegun running between Aun Arbor and Jackson tliey baye ix1 seemingly ImproveU the service. The same oíd eamplaint, a broken wheel or a burned ut motor. [Thta Is iluc to the innliility tu gel parta for repair, owlng to ttoe tiemendous growtli of the elec■tric car business, with wiiicli the (Oio)) Uave been unable to keep pace.] It is feared that the manageiniit oí Uf Hawks-Angus line wlH lic oí en■ciuciH of the lieert. TUcy hoye just pompleted a ww ynHSmg 7-00111 i freighi house bere and now are iting niioui for a man to m-i for ilaoin in the eapaelty af agent jfor S15.IM per month. It is said tlmt sume the leading business men are caöt4ng öieir optica in tlic dfrection oT this magniflcenl position. The Boland line seeins to be running t regular hand-car service on the west skie t' the vlllage llmlts, :is a cftr is een to run over the trucks