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Every bed in the new hospital is occupted nt preeent. A little danghter recently arrived at the home of Mr. and Jlrs. William Uli. Aid. Scliumachcr, who has been conSnect to the house with illness. is out a ga in. Mts. V. Vaughan will give a german on Saturday evening in honor ot' the S .rosis glrlS. 'Mrs. Guy llcnry, who is gerlously (11, is mproving slightly but is not aliowed to see anyone as yet. The Daughters of the Revohition will give a banquet at Harria hall ui Wushington'-a birthday. Torn Iliililiai-d. who is thrcatened wlth appendlcitis, is ooi Improvlng as rapidly as his frienda talght wisli. Myss Cora Cochran, of Jaekson. was operated upon for appendlcitis at the Homeopathie hospita] on Mouday. Rev. Frank Sander, dean of Yale Divinlty School, will speak at Nwtoerry hall next Sunday morning. l'rof. L. L. Kcuwif'k and Earle Killeen, of the School of Jlusk?, will glv au orgau and recitai in Chelsefl Jan. 31. The j'oungest iui]ul in the .School of iMusic is .liss Margaret Jacobs, shc is sevoii years ohl ;ud is studying under Miss Minnie Davls. In tlie divoree case of M.-ir.v Vomig vs. Charles ïoung. Judge ECinne las grauteu a illvor&c. i i ('ireen of ïpsilanti ï-epresented the iaat. The teachers of the public scli are urgiiig all oí the ehildren to be raccinated, who liave imi been sucnllj- vacciuated withln the paal year. Xh' i'iu de Siècle' club másquerade will be glven Feb. 11. Members ure requested tó secure costumes early, aa au oue il be allowed on the floor unless in mask. The entertainment which was 8o have been giveu at the Norfhside chureh, Friday eveolng, Feb. 7. has been postponed owlng to the accident o Miss Llzzre Ureeiian. Miss Amia Buriingame ot Ann Arlior town gave a deügbtful card party at her home Xuesday evenlng to a ot' friends. The eveaiag was au exceediugly pleasant one. The funeral of Hufus Waple, ilefleased, was held at lus late rwsldeiice, (14 S. strci't. al 3:30 o'clocl; ,V(strilay aftepday. hVltnde of the fauiily are Invttett to altend. Mrs. Uaisy Whitnor, ivho was injurel rt-centïy in a street car accident, Oías been dlscharged from the hospital, ;umi is now iji Jacbsoh, the guest of Mr. and ,Mre. .11. L. Whitnor. The flrst semester in the public schools ruis, 's on .fan. 31. The work of the iiimv semester beging on the following iMonday. Pcomotions in all of the gradea wil! be made tlien. Probably the iargest load of dressed brought to ihis city was delivered iiy ■■;. J. Kmuse of Lodi. 'J'lie load consisi, m1 .;,■■ is spring pigs and their combiued tveight was 3,998 pounds. Elabórate preparatikns are in gress tor the Kiligüts of Colunibus ■ball, which wil] take place at Granger's next Tuesday evenlng. Guests from all over the state wil] attend. saloon flxtures of the late Gotttob Hauselmaün of S. AjBhlèy streel were gold Tuesday afternoon to Gottloto ll] and George Krant fot 615. Tluv expect to open the saloon In a fmv days. Wliüc skating last Monday evenlng -Miss Lizzle Greenan feil and sprained lier hip. She liad to be cairled home and thougb he is resting easier now, she wlll be conflned to the house for some time. Frederiek Schmid has opened a loan atil real estáte office in the roomLaubengayer'a meal market on s. Main street. Jl has a nlcely appointed, eosy oflce, and will bé glad to have hi.s friends cal] on hiin. The Glass shoe stock lias been purchase.l by E. E. Trim & Co. of Ypsilanti. It is not yet 'deoided IJ t. will be removed to Ypsilant! or closed out herè. This is the thh-d stock the tirm has purchased in Ann Arbor. üont rail to attend the Indian social at the First, Baptist churcli next Baturdaj- evening. It will be one of the most. mi(uc r the season. THe entertMinmcnt will be furntehed hy tluyoung men. LlgM. refreshmenta will be sorvod. ■i'hc Thii-ii w.ini Bsfldkig elrele will meet with Mrs. s. b. Polhemns al ber home at 7J7 Fountóin gtreet, FVlday evening, Jan. 31, lnstead of Jan. 27, aa ])rciously .imiomieed. A iiii( program will be renderer and a good time is antlcipated, A pretty offlco wedding ooeurred In I JustiiM' Doty's court Wednesday after110011. The contra eting parttea were Mr. Stephen Avery and .Miss Ida Brfffgs of Milán. The wftnesses to the Ceremony were Judje II. Win Newkirk and A. U. Sehlee. K. A. Ilauser, trcnsurer of Saline lou-nsinp. wms in the city Wednesday and yaid Ouuiity Ti-ea.surcr Mann $2,0(X state taxes and J1.000 eounty taxes. Tbe treoaurer of Bi-idgewater has ivot yet reported, altliough the law próvidos thnt he slwuld do so Jan. 10. The Arm Arbor Medical society met at Dr. Valdrons office, .'{24 g. State street. AVednesday eveniog, Jan. 15. Dr. Theo. Kllngman read a paper on "Auto-infeetion as a factor m the trearment of Xervous and 'Mental Diseases." The paper was discnssel by Dr. Herdman and others. In the probate eonrtWednesday three petltdons wereflted for adrnhiistrarioim in as many estates. The Jose-ph Doane estáte in Salem is valued a-t $8,500; the James Deubel estale in Vpsilauli at $5,0()0; and the Amelia Kelly estáte in Aun Arhor at $4.500. Mis. Kelly s the lady who commltted suicide. Au appeaJ lias been taken from the aUowance of rhe wiM of ■Sully Póucher of Bridgewater, toy the probate eourt. Lehniuim & iStlvers appear as attorweys f(ir Hcmy Poueher, Waits, Sinirii it lialilwiu fpr ('Uai-lcs, and Frcil .M. Fi'ccin.iii for the 'stari. tt'will come up at i!ic March term when a Vu-nBgb) in.i.v be expected. Séneca Utchard, the man sttuck h.v the Detroit, Ypsiianti. Aim Arbor & Jackson car ni PittsfleM Xi.v. 8. may lic trcpliiiicd (in Monday ncxt at the University hospital, liis wlie bavlng glveu her consent to Mie operation. Mc li is i-egaiued liis physleal powers, but is au Imbeelle. Il is hopéd to remove the i-lot preasing on bis brain. ..Mr. and ilrs. Warren, of Oherry street, eaterta inecl a few friends ai home Afonday even Ing. Progressive pedro was fine chief feature of the evening. Mrs. .lames Shrrk and Ilehry Derringer won Brst prizeg and tlie consolation prlzes were given to .Ia nies Shcrk and Mrs; Wallaee. Refreshments were aerved. Eivery ftne bad a pleasant time. J. W. Haas. of bhe City Livery, has iniiTliascd bhe pa ei lig mare. Donuluid. and is prepared to me1 any ut the gOOd ones cm Ihc siioH'. J!t. is worklng oui the mare on Wall sn-cci every evening so as to be In .■ Tliere .-- a rumor abaul tliat this mare ing gelding llan-y ;. w-ill ic matched for a race Bome time t'ils week. The Néale c.uarrli Tablei Co. elected directors and ofileera on Monday (■venin- as follows: Directors- Bd. Hlseock; lr. Salsbury, C. Gfoodspeed, Geo. Scyholil. T. Reyer, II. Wiliiams. I-'1" Gruner. Offlcers President, 10. Hiscoek: secretary, Leo Gruner; treasurer, 11. W. Williams; luisincss ager, Jr. Salisbury. The lirsi stock has all been sóld and the second is gohlg i-apidly. W. !■: 1 "(iiislicriy, the manager in Mark & ('o. 's fuwiltiire department, is in Grand Rapids this weck purchasIng goods lor the spring trade. This ileparlnienl. Ulïder liis direction. lias far surpassed all Of .Jlack & Co.'s expectatlons, more taan doubled its last year's business and now stands aecond tO none in this city an exampie of what ability Judgment and business aapacity w i 1 1 aeeomplish. The ('urrent Topics club w-ere de[ightfnlly entertained Mouday evening Ijy (Mr. and Mis. 11. Win tfewkirk at tlH'ir home on X. State Street. The evening was spent in social Intercourse and examJniñg the relies which Mr. Xewkh-k lias collected and whicii proved vei-y interesting to tne young men. UgM rcfr'sluneiits were served by Mrs. Newkirk and wWeh were done f uil justice to by the guests. At the meeting of ttie stockholdera of the Michigan Knniitin-c Co., held Tnesii.-iy evening the followlng directora u-iki-e eleeted, viz.: W. l. Harriman, Aloses Sea bolt, Paul Snauble, W. K. ('hilds. Martin Haller, Oüarles K. Hiscock and ('liai-les E. (.'reene. The board organlzed by eleeting W. I). Haniiiian. president, tHoses Seabölt, vicc presidein: e. io. iiiscoek. secretary and treasurer; Paul Snauble, general manager. At the iBethlehem ehurch concert, to be given by Mrs, l'.nima Kseher-Croae, a chorus of Ik volees wlll ronder 'MendeNsohn's 42nd Psalm, Varion soloists v:il alsi lake pari on tho miscellaneous program. The oonoert wil! take place on Friday evening, l- ■!. 7. and will be the benefit of the ehurch. The congregación is very nnu-h pleased over tin faet that Mrs. Oos) devotos so ïuuch of lier Ylnable time the chtircb. The A frican Methodist Episcopal ehurch wlll be saved, The Rochestei Building & Loan íissociation thren tened to foreclose its lion of $835 npon the building. Efforts weA made by the oongregation to keep the chnrch from passing to outside parties. There lias been $236 raised and $500 will be borrowed from a local bank and the liochester claim will be scttled. The local Iwnk will take a mortgage on the churoh f or ! $500. I The funeral of Mrs. Oeo. II. Rhodes of the Wednesday aftei-noon was n- largely attended. The floral display was tnagníflcent, hotli the Masonlc iml Ea stern Star lodges sendIng large pleees. Tbc paUbearera were Frank IMimles. Rodney Murray, Grap ville Miuray and ';. R. Ilaviland Frlenda from (u of town, who wen present were: Prank Rhodes anl iliss Ainin Kli :lcs of CÓlïCOrd, Mrs. Williiim Siinoiis of Batrle Crëck, Geotgi i'uiiiiis and Mrs. .luiie Bhodea of Entoii Rápida, Mr. and Mrs. George I!. Rliodea of Detroii. Mr. and Mrs. Koilney Min-my and Gránville Marröy of Vpsilantl 'inwri. 'lirisii.-m Pfelfle of Superior, by his will dated April 4, '00, -hes his witv. I... the use erf 40 acres of land and an annuity of $100 n year out of the renta of bis renmiuing Ki acres oí land, ;i ju ie in lien of dower, td his ilany-liicrs. Kale Knupp and Eiuma Brann. tlie snm of $1,000 each, to toe pald out ut' the personal property, whicli. f iidt sufHcient, tiie deflciency tu be n lien on the real estáte. The '■'siili f liis estáte he beqüeaths to his (-lililren. Ivluin Q. ri'eille. K.ile Knapp .-nul Knmi.i Brnnn, share and share allke. Williani Braun is nomluated as execntor. 'fhe will is witnessed by N. B. Harding and l,. C. (iriffiii, lintii of ïpsllanti. Mi-. ISnrgent, vbose abilit.v is s well demonstrated ín the arrangement of the muieum specimens, is doiiií; gome oul oí town work. The Grand Rapids public school board was presented uii h a line lot of museum specimens liy the Kent Society InstitUte, and tliey fcorresporfded wlth Dr. Aajgell for ■i eomiieteni man to elaasify it. Tres. Ang4l .uu! Dr. Reighard reeommended .Ir. Sargent. Mr. Sargentfs time is ikiw divided between ihe Unlverslty liiM-c. the Wimtlerland museum ia Detroii and the Grand Rapids Job. In the matter of the eatate of Caroline D. Koster Hiere will be anollier hearing Peb. 4. Tliis time it is the petttlon of the National Surety Co. of New ïork ihat ia brylng to escape its Hability n the hond af Edwin s. Sherrill of Detroft, executor of the estáte. lis ImiikI exeeuted Nov. 8, ''■'. and glven for H00O. It alleges ihai at the time t ejfeeuted the said bond as surety it supposed and lielieveil llduin S. Slien-ill was solveut, and that it ïad no notlce or knowledge whatever that SherrlU was Indebted to the ] ■state. The company also alleges an ' igreemeni between gherriil and ] ïeirs as ti gifng new notes and ' og som cash. Andergon & Bactham ' )f Detroit are the attorneys for the aurety eomnany. '