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Cupid Busy In Chelsea

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Cfeetem, Mich., Jan. The Ohelsea ■ marker today is' as followe: Wheat, S3 cents; rye, ui: cents; oats, 44 to 4, cente; eorn In the ovr. :r2 cents; barley, si. 1-5 per cwt.; beana W5 to $1.40 for 00 ponüds; dover seed ?5; pop com, 60 ceuts; potatoes, 55 éents; egge, 20 cents; butter, 15 cents; beef, 2 to 4% cents; veal calves. 5 to 5% cents; nogs, fw-ents; sheen 2 to 3 cents; lambs, 3 to 4 cents: chickens, 7 cents; fowls, G euts: torkeys, 8 cents. The lower bolta ta one of the ontside doors of a safe at i he Obeleee Saviugs Bank got stuck a few days ago. Tbe Detroit Safe Oompany seut an export to open it, and it took liim over six hours with the help of two good ma;Uiuists to do the job. Lncky it was not one of the inside vault doors as they are about four times as heavy. bast evenlng at the residcnce of Mrs. Thos. Wotley oecnrred a very in-etty üoine wedding, when lier óniy daughter, Miss Maude, was united iu marrtace lo Mr. K. Otto Steinbach. The -cereruony iwaa witnessed by the near relatives of the bride and grooiu. Dr. Oaster, pastor of the M. E. churcli. periormed the cedemony. Both parties are popular yonng nrasicteBB of this place and start out on life's journey with the well wishes of a host of friends. At fhe animal meeting f the Ohelsea Savinss bank Tuesday the following diret'tors were eiected: W. -1. Knapp, T. S. Sears. Q. W. Palmer, F. P. Glaziev. Win. I'. Schenk. V. D. lang, J. W. Schenk. Adam BSppley and Wed Wedemeyer. The f olio w ing offleers were etected by ïhe directora: President. I'. 1'. Glazier; vice president, W. 3. Knapp: cashler, ïtoeo. E. Wood; asslstant cashler, D. W. Oieenleaf ; ml'itor. A. K. Stlmson. At the iinnuul mwtiiiK of the Kenipf Convmerci-al and Savlnga bank Tuesday the followlng board of directora ■wsis Elected: Reubcn Kenipf. C. H. Kempf. II. S. Holmes. C. Klein. R. S. ArmstronK, Ed. Vogel and (ico. A. Bejgöle. The board of directora expect to meet Siiturilay and eleot tlie orticers . tor the onsuing year. .The steel lhied Imrglar proof vault which is now beiiijr ïniilt tor Wie new feauking office of the Cheteea Savings 1a-nk is said to bE one of the Btrongest ■iu the state of Michigan. Tlie ouisiile lnirtrlar nroof door is :i wohder in self. welghlíig over six tons. lt will -foe bung on mane hlnges, swing on l)all bearings in h.-inlenert steel raceways. lt ts iniill up f altérnate layan of Chrome and Beesemer steel, and jvill be forceil to place by the means of a doulilo elevatlng ecrew pressure i.-ir device. operated by a fourteen inch hanil wheel, ruvolving the pressure bar by means of cam actlon In t ho jamb bloeks. This door will be secured by a massivt' tooit system conslstlng oí -- teel ioiis two tuches In diameter, opera tinir ciijlit liolts right, (MRht left, three up anil rhive down, in a-continuous eoUl dra wii steel bolt frame. Oards aiv ont eünonficlng the marriage ncxt TlnirsJay eTening, at tlie home of the brlde'a parents, Mr. anl Mrs. Francia Beenara, of their dauphter. Miss Minnie Belle, to Mr. Wm. Ziek, both of tliis village. The marriage of Miss Mary Prior, of Xewnrk, Ohio, and Mr. Wm. Frccr. of Khis place, will occur on Wednesday, Jannary 22. at the home of the brides -parents in Xewark. The conple will nsake tbeir future home in Ohelsea. Ckelaea, Jan. is.- Hou. Gmo. 11. Barbour, of Detroit, chairman for Michigan of the McKlnley National Memorial Associatlon", lias appointed Axcble WJlklnson, of thia village, one of tUe committee and ArChie ha,s olyirge of contributions to the memorial funda in this vifinity. The Congregattonalista wil! nave a douatiüü party for the benefit of thelr pastor, Kev. ('. S. Jones and l'amily, t the church on Friday evening, Jan. 1!4. Supper will be served from 5:30 until s o'clock and the eommittee in charge are arranging an excellent program which will be renderd after the rapper is served. Supt. Merrill ;md other officials of the D.. Y., A. A. & J. lim were hei-e yegterday, with one of tbeir cars, in"Bpectina; their property and left latei on for Gras Lake and .lackson. The ofBwrs announced that beginning Snn■day morning they expected to Itegin running cara froin Aun li JackSOll. The mlleage rate tliat the D., Y., A. A. & J. line put in forcé ;i day or fcwo ago w!H have a tendency 10 help rhc stcMni cara rather ihan theír own Une. ffrom here to Jackson there is bit 8 cents ditference in tlie fares and so in proportion to other points. The Central charges two cents and the D., Y., A. A. & J. 1% cents per mile. Noxt Wedneeday evenlng iwill be tlie regular meeting of O. E. S. The Merchant Milling Cx. lias men at work üioroughly overhauling the (Uielsea roller milis. The company will put in a lot of new maehinery and claim tbat wiien tliey get the work all eompleted they have Iaid out that they will have a mili second to none iii the county. The management of the Peoples popular lecture course have decided to give an extra number and the date is set tor Febrnary 19. The Lima Epworth League will have a measnring social at the home of Mr. nml Mj-8. Henry Lewtek, of Lima, on Prlday evenlng, Jan. :M. and thy expect to have one of famoBS suppers.