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Superior In Line For Canning Factory

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Superior, Jan. 20. Twenty-elght years ago last Friday. Mr. Henry Koch and .Miss Amella Lulck stood before the marriage altar and there solemnly promlsed to tuke each other for better tac worse and during all tliese intcrvening years have never regretted llR'ir clioioo. and the tbouglit orf upsetting ihc marriage örrangemem has r been entertained for a moment On Friday cvcninií last a large company oí aelghbora and Crlends met at thelr home to celébrate the happy event of nearly three decades ago. lt is bardly aecessary to say tha1 Hu evening was bappily spent. One of the pleasaatesrt features of the oeoaalon was the presentatíon to Mr. and Mrs Koet by the company of an elegani lamp wiiich was receivea bj the happy pair with deep manifesta tiona of gratitude. Georjte Wilbur baa hls eyes peele for any enterprisé that promises returra and being convinced thai the canning faotory about to start np in the City of Ypsilanti wil provo a prófltable Investment for th mom-back fraternity he proposee to 1 a finger ín the pie. He hns n fiinu uear riic Greek city wel] adapted for ralsing hubbard gquash, watermeions, pumpkin, rntabagas, etc, and uill coBtrlbute Ws full share oí the atrove line af vegetables to the aew I cstiiliHi'iini'iii IVfsl] t'rom the soll. iF.m .-mot her COKrespondent) SUeldoi) i ;.-ilc lias boughi the 130-,rvv tarín of 'liarlos Walker. A. Klmmel is home from Kendallvillc. linl.. añil reporte a very p}eaean1 visit. Mr.-. Mabel Hutchinson better. Mrs. A. .1. Cal.' is visiting her sister. Airs. Amanda Vinldcr. at Hoytsvllie, K.-itdii cöunty. 'l'hc people living on the Aun ArtKr ]-,,;i ( i uv eomiuenclng to thinfe fnat tne eleotric road of Boland'e is nol going thvouffii, as thcy have now been waiting alraosi t-" years witli do slgns of atiy ruad yci. Superior Town. Jan. -" I. B. LePurge huil ;i very serious accldeat whlle süredding cora at John Goundry's. near Dentonvllle, by getttng hls hand caught. n was very badly mani;!cl aiu] Doctors Arnold and IIull ainjmiati'd it just above the wrist. The Superior Cornet Band nier Saturday evefaing al the borne oí James Cates and lecied officerg for the ellBulng as follows: President, Andrew Gardner; vlce president, E. C. Gale; becretary, Gteorge Quaekenbueh;