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Becaose Pt's for One Tbüng Only, and Aan is Learaing Thia. KotMng can be n for everythlng. Dolng one thing weü bringB Buccess. Doan'fi Kidnoy Pilis do one thing for sick kidiieys. ■phcy cure backacbe, evwy kldney 11. Ih're s Ann Ai-iior evldDce ti prive t: Mr. Edwin Wooley, eontractor and larpenter, öf is Fountain atreet, sas: ■■i eubject for years to uttacks of lioadache, or pains through the li.ins and kidnoys. generally of a dull, heavy, nrhinff nature, bui. often when Uc eweathér cnanger ar when I moved iwkwardly they becanie gharp twingea of pain. As I was doing worU iwhich requlred atooping ït was very palnful, exceedlngly so if I caught eold, whieh as a rale Bettled In my loins. I tried varióos remedies but was never saccessfu] in obtaining any permanent benefit untïl I used Doan'e Kidney Pilis. At the time my back was troubling a great deal, imt shortly after I began the treaetment the achiag abated. When I flnished it I was curt'd. Tliis was inoiUlis at-'n and p in date there has been qo recurrence of the tnmhlc." sale iiy all dealere. Price 50 cents. l'ostcr-Millmrn Co.. Buftalo, N. V.. soh' ageats for the United States. Reraember the ñamo, Doan"s. and tate no subsrtitute.