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The Unions Win Their Point

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Ntae hours will be a day's work for buildess fhis year. The Builders & Traden" Exolmnge beid its regular meetiníí .Jan. 16. and after -onsilertng the matter in all its aspects decided to make that time a day's work. Work will begin at 7 o'clock in the niorninif and continue untll ■ at night, with one bout for dinner. ïhe scale takes effect Miiy 1. Lsist year the men worked 10 hours, except on Saturday, which was a 0-liour day. The di-opping of the lioiir euch day shows the progress tnat is sjoing on in the conditlon of tüe lalKrlng. men In this country. In a few yearu conditions will undoubtedly le such thsit elght hours will make a day's work in all trades, as it is in some today., The action of the OBuilders & Traders' Exchange in inaking a 9-hour day. will undoubtedly liave au effect on other trades in Ann Arbor. The painters struck for a 9-hour day last raer, ;ind whlle the matter was not settled then, they may be able to obtain their demanda now. Secretary Bitton of the Bullíew & Trades' bixchange states that the action of the exchange In nrabtng niue hom-s a day's work applies to all trades in Ann Arbor. cLe says altthat thi.s act im was entirely voluntarv and nnolicited on the part of the exchange. The buildei-s bel leve nlne hours is loiiR enough for any man tt work, niid as they all agreed to stick together ilioy would lose uothiugby the actlon.