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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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wTtheold fogy dogtor m Ivi TJAM1LY Doctors are all right as g-eneral practitioners, lij Uw {■) " but they are oot specialists. The sexual orjfans com-BJJ KM prise the inot intricate and important system ia tnef3 Pij TS5c human body and require the most sl:iilLul treatuient. g -... You might as well expect a blacksuriül to repair yurp3 ITfl .l JCiF -í, watch, asa family physician to cure Sexual complaiuts. yj Uj2 iW -TOÍ1? " We have made a specialty of these diseas.-s fnc over 30 ■ r2 MillÜoA ? years, have investedtens of thousands oí dollars and have ■ HttM cvery facility knowu lo medical science to cure them.JBB TFa lWlBJHnilr Every case is taiien witü a positive g-uarautee oflWj UM Y Rlo Corfr-No Pny. Uu Y-li 1 ES -i BLOOlï Whether tihi-ritod or acquired, I-X f3 fi 33 i-! jHisitively curedfoiever. The virus is eli:iiinau-d front J ;7J?, ",7'3 the wsfiuso no danser of retnrn. Hundreda of c:ises MJ r& TSUH curcd by us 25 years ago and no return; best evidence of a i 'ÏbRVOS DBBILITY -and other romplicatioiis, B WIS'tP sch as emissions, drains in the urine, varicocelo, sexual ■ U3 ■ I tS weal rccuredbyourNewlWciho.lTrsltt-rra lO I Ik' i inent under a. positive puarantee- NO CURE--KO PAY. IN I M & WE CURE A1.L DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. Wf% F.n , -M Jft-A Conaultation Froe. BouUa frto. Write fnr qnrstion blaiiK for ÏSl kJ ''PV private Home Treat::jent. EverytUinf conlidential. Bk 14S 8HBLBT STBEEI', DETROIT, MlclJS