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C. E. Godírey has bougnt out the Aodress dray line. The High school athletic club will give a party the :!lst. The Knlghta of i 'oluinbus give their ennnal ball on Jan. 28. Dr. Elliott K. Henlmami has registered as a physküan with tho county clerk. Gorge Alexander has a bad fall Friday, which resuKed in his bi-eaking two of his ribs. ilrs. John Shoehnn gave a pleasamt tril party to a number of her friends Monday afternoon. Miss Green, of Byrpn, bas accepted a iwsJtioii as stenogi'apher for the Creecent Clasp Works. The Aun Arbor Brewtag 'o. 11 cu over its pond this weck. The ice i about 10 Inehes thl-ck. The iion work tor the transforme f station at Wayne has arrived at tlia place ai)d the work is being rushed. Frederick Sehleicher is putting in a uew front into his stores on Main Street i ecently purchased frocn Cbarles Fantle. - Airs. Robert Howard of Detroit is in the city at her mother's home, suffer ing froni a severo attack of the meftfik. MÊaË Dr. George Dock has had lus phone changed trom Branch 440 to Main 282 A remo val which will prove conventen to many. In the case of Charles B. Case, com plainant, vs. Orrle ('aso, defendant, uo lire has been oled of tukring testimouj in open court. Emanuel Jedele of Dexter is reported to be a'ble to att up iu bed. and his friends think he is gettlng better froui his serious illness. The I'ree Chureh Ladies' Aid society, of Superior, held a Uazaar at the home of Perry Walker, and netted the nice iittle snm of $94.31. Walter Seabolt writes to friends here that he is settled in Paeadena for the winter aud has met a nuiiiber oí old Aim Arborites there. Dr. -Oom-ad Qeorg, jt-., is the author of an article in the Philadelphia Medical Journal of Jan. 11, on "Tïeatment of Inoperable Tumors." Decker & Critchett have completed the cement floors for the sub-statimi ,u Michigan Centre and wili have the ome at I'Yancisco done today. .Mrs. ('liarles Wllson, 58 .vcars of age, NvitV of C. H. Wilson, died at lier home in Milan. .Mrs. W'illiam Butler of Detroit is a daughter. -Miss Johanna A. Statiger, who is Boon to leave tor the Padflc eoast, was given a dinner with a of friends on Eïiday eventag by Miss Mogk. Th A. W. W. Club ere t'ntcTtained by Mr. and Mrs. Oarl Kraun on Samr(Jay cvcning. It was a vei-y pleaBant eveniflg; Llght refresijmeots were '■r-fi. The-members of the Women'e Auxillary of the Y. M. O. A. are invited to meet with Mrs. E. L. Seylor. 11 S Twflfth Stpeet, Monday, Jan. 20. at 2 1. m., lo work and plan an liaster salo. . I At a meeting of the Congregational society last week to clioose trustees Wm. Higgs was re-elected and Prof. Wilgus was chosen iu place of John Travis. The :. K. & L. of A. of 8t Thomas' ehurch will give a pedro party and social in the parish hall next Frlday eveniiiK. Admission 15 cents. Everyone is invned. The travel between Arm Arbor and Jackson ou the trolley line Sunday was large. One car alone on a round trip received 100 faree, the other trips also being good. The Ann lArbor Music ('o. have a very uretty "mandolin" window. It is fltted up vvith different types of mandolins and presenta a very attractlve appearance. Elmore Jacobus, of E. Catherine Streef, whlle at work Friday :it the hospital heat plant, feH and hurt hls baek and will be confined to the bed for severa! days. Miss Woodmansee, secretary af the i". W. i a.. invites the young ladles l li'c V. W. C. A. rooms Thnrsila.vs and Frhla.vs, aftewioons. Tea and wafers wil) lx served. Eugeno Mann, öeorge ApfeJ and Charles Schleicher réturned Saturday evenlng froni Crooked Lake, CMIson, where thcy flslied through the Ice, catdhlng 27 biL pdckerel. Bdward Schnelder, Jacob Haitmann, Oottlieb Lambarth. John Klumpp. Iaiil Rupp and Charles Lambarth, togeth-'r harvested 250 wagon loads of ko for the Saline ereamery. The people who are to participate !n the concert to toe given by Mrs. Enima Flscher Cross on Feb. 7, wlll hold a rehearsal at the Bethlehem ehnrct on W'ednesday evening at 7:ao. The Mlssèa Rose and Llzzle lloran gave a eafd party Monday evenlng to ■ about twolve i ouplcs. a viT.v enjoya-ble evenlng as gpent. A datrrty lunch was served by the hostesses. Misa Johanna Stanger, ot Fourth streef, was pleasantly surprised -by about 12 lady frlends Momlay èrènIng. A general gootl time was had and goud refreshmeots "wete ierved. Sopt W. F. Bradley, of the Ann Ai-hor rallroad, wil] visit our city next Sunday te speak at the Y. M. C. A. nien's meeting. 'Mr. Bradley la president oí the railrixid's v. . e. a. al Dura iut. Miss Mildred Ware, of Bi-oadway, gave a spread to a few of friendg Friday evenlng. The occasion was her birthday and t was oelebrated right royally. Everyone reports a jolly evenlng. Marcas 8. Cook of Derter, the agent of the Boland line, was in the city Saturday. Se reports progresa cm the line west of Deaftër, and tliat the ramnier of 1902 will see the line completed to Aim Ai-'lior. Rose French, Harry Quackenbush, John Slggins, tudwig Fenner and Mr. Noegleford played for tlie entertainnifin of the patients ar both hospltala I'iiday afteraoon. Their kindness was mucli appreclated by the management. Miss Kiiith Drury gave a progresstre card party Ias1 Saturday evenlng to about twemty-foin.1 of her frlends. Whisi was played unlil 11 oVloek. when i chaflng lish supper was setVed. Ii was a very pleasani affair. The Pllgrim Publlahlng Oo. of Battle Creek', whose niaaaglug editor is Willis .1. MVbotl of Lliis city, has purchased o site Por their new two-story brlck iuiil srtone building, o5sl3U, which will be erected aiul equlpped at onee at a cost of $50,000. l.irtlc Miss Florilhi Moore entertalned .six of her linie frlends last Ihursday in honor f her slxth blrth(l.iy. The youiifi hostess poured chocolate al the tea table and made it men-y for guests, She was the reeJpieni ot' many pretty presenta Arbor Teat K. ü. ï. M. inltiatlog team will go to ïpelttnal thls evening. Thcy -il leeve on the !.. Y.. A. A. & .1. on a special car at V:1C p. in. All members are arged to .lom tli.' team and go to Ypsi and show them liow it ought to be done. Tin sermón preached by Rev. Mr. Crooker Snnday nioriiing on the subject "Contrlbutfone of Science to Unitarlanism" was one of the ableat èfforts and one r the most eloquent sermona ever preaehed In tbis city. A large audtence was in attendance. Mrs. Helen e. Bhodes, vvif; of Geo. II. Rhodeè, (lied Sunday at Ikt home on the Nortnelde, aged 64 yeare. ïbe funeral was held Wednesday ii 2:30 p. ni.. from tbr house, Ker. Jlcnr.v Tall.ick offlciaöng. liitennent n Fairvlew cemetery. Just 11 months igo on tbc 19th, Mrs. Rhodes' sou, ülii.'i'i C. Rihodes, died. Dr. Harry o'Toole entertatned the First Year club at his home on Gatheriea st. Frlday eveniug. Tlie evening was pleasantly spent iu playing progressive pedro. A dainty lunch was served. Miss Lorna Hlllman and Wirt Masten won lirst prlzes and' Mr. Sehuniacher and Miss Miklron Sherk earled off consola tioti prizes. larui Reldiert of S-io has recelved copy of the .San José Mercury teom ila lji-othor-in-law, Ghristian liohnet. f Santa Clara county, California. It obtains a fnil descriptlon of thé Clchlgan-iStanford football game. Mr. lohnet is evdently yery entbuslastlc ver the ('act 'hat Michigan won. lic oes uoi forget liis old home. Prof. W. il. iiawks of the Mgh chool physlcal laboratory has Inventd au Improvement on Atwood'a mahtne for regkrtering distances and ravity of falling bodies. lic has' htpped a machine to 'Boston and to Ubion college. Mr. Hawks, is a hard worker and leserves the suceéss that bis invention is sure to achieve. The ïoung Ladies' Sodality of St. Thomas" cburcfa eleeted the following ifflcers las! Sunday afternoon: President, Miss May (Marken; viee preslJept, Miss Lena Eisele; secretary and creasurer, Miss Emtna Taylor. There are snii some piijsicians in W'ashtonaw coimty who are not yet i-egistered. ïhey are Kabie to proseeution for holding themselves out as physiclans, and cannot collect any bilis if the patients decline to pay. Christian Pfelfle dled 'MonUay afteruoon 111 Superior township, agel 70 years. He was an lionest. upright, straightforward farmer and had lived in Superior 3ti or 37 years. He was twlce married. His wife and three childrea rarrivè hun, Mrs. Kate Knapp, Mis. Williain I'.niun and Edward Pfelfle. WUliam MlHer, treaeurer of Pitts! field tc.v, ïs-hi]). Monday ca lied ou Copnty Treasurer Manu and pakl him Si'. S-J7.71 state taxcs and $1.200 county taxes. Saline and Bridgewater are the fwo remainlng townwiiips who have not yet reportel Brldgewa-ter last yéar in the procssrton and will probably be so again this year. The .ludges in the Nortbside Lyceum ou Saturday evening decided that the propoaed trolley road would be a detriment to the north gide. The debaters ui the afflrmatlve gide vrere Wllliam Grennon and EImer Mead, and aegative, Hj:i-I()v Grogs and Miss Bessie Peavy. The judges were Willis Kent, Bar] Ware and Miss Agatfia Sheffold. Dr. Aíartiu L. Belser has restgned on account of hi.s increasJng practice as major of the First Regiment, M. N. G. H COBld not aft'ord the time necessary for his (linies. Dr. Helser was very popular among the loys on account of Uis faithlii!, watclit'ul care of them during the Spanish war. Although out of hls line of duty tohey will uot 9oon forget what he did for many of them. Theiv ts a law in 1'his stalt' that where thei-e are forelgn belrs to an estafe the consul oí that county nnist l)c Qotffled. In the estáte of Jacob Nagel of Scio tttere is a brother resrtding in Sirkenliausen. oberamt, BenÖllagew, W'uertemberfi. The probate eonrt lias nottfied the coundl of the Germán empire in New York city of the pemVncy at the proceedlngs to admlnlsttr the iNagel estáte. Free Press: "Mysterious Bill" Judson. of Aim Arbor, was at the Wayne a short time yesterday ifternoon. He saM: '"The fact is, I am out of politics tor fair. and I shall le-ave the business to those who want a round of the merry game more than I do. A federal jlV Why, ot' course, I shouidu'l paSS lip ;i .nood one, but the jobs I a in supposed to have cinched are more u the imaglnation of othera than in hmnedi.ite prospect for myeelf." A blll bas been flled in the circuit court u.v CaranaiTgh & Wedemeyer for the Olïelsea Savlnga bank, asklng Herman .i. Woods to account for $2,000 placed in his hands .May 20. '00, for the use of Kowena B1ggs during her lifetinie. lie was made trustee liy a decree of the court, and this is a friendly snit to termínate his truateeshlp, as Bowena Rlggs died Dec. 6, '01, in St. Alexis hospita] In Cleveland, O. The money was put up to cover a dower interest in the estáte of Wllllam W. Rlgga üiiii is clalraed by the bank upon the death of Rowena Riggs. A fine oil painting of Mrs. H. P. Balduin, by Ivés, has been presented to Harria hall during the past week and now uangs on the walls of the parlor. It is a companion portrait to that of Ex-Gov. Baldwin, hitherto pi-t'sented to the Guild, and adtis very materially to the attractiveness of the parlor. The portrait is very lifelike and the artistic merits of the painting are of a high order. Visitors to the hall sliould go in the parlor and see the portrait Mrs. Baldwin gave $10,OCK to establish tlie Baldwin lecture eourse here. The Epworth League gave a very pleasa:it us well as unique social at the First M. E. church Friday evening, It was a I'uritan social and the ladies were all dressed as demure Quaker maideus. Miss Winifred DePue and Rex Wood were dressed as Martha and George Washington and lntroduced the guests to eiich other in thoir stateliest manner. Ivumerous games, etc, had been provided and a good musical program was rendered. lAght refreshments were served. The will of Gottlob F. Hanselmann of Ann Arbor, who died Jan. 11, disposes of personal estáte estlmated at $1,000 and $150 real estáte. He bequeaths to Miss Agatba Frey $200, to hts father. Christian Hanselmann, Sl'oo; to, Ixniis Hanaelmann, $1(X. to be hejd in trust by his executdr; to sister, Anna Hansejmann, $100: to his inother, Rosina Hanselmann, the resJdue of the estáte. Bugene Oesterïin is nonrinated as executor. The will is dated Jan. 8. "Whèn We Were Twenty-Oáe" is a love story pure and simple anti is toM in a sbralghtforward, homely way. It is a story of how IMck Ca-rewe and his eomrades rear and guide the only sou of a deceased ehum; how they gaard and save liim from the pltfalls and anarea lic n the path of life at twenty-one. it is a story or hearts bonml together by ties of friendship that nothlng can break, and of how the compadee save their ward from the , resulta of bis foolish lmpetuoeity. it also tclls bow a íreac and abidlng love ' comea to Dick all in return for his willing self-sacrifice for the girl he loves and who, he thinks, loves his " ward. This play is undoubtedly the greatest of modern times and will i.e presen ted by a uperb company of ai-tists at the Athens Theati-e uext Saturday ( rening, Jan. 25.