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A Name Twice Made Famous, Now A Shining Mark For Imitators

A Name Twice Made Famous, Now A Shining Mark For Imitators image
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The name " Chase," twice made famons, is a shining mark for the unscrupulous to pounce upon and appropriate in order to ïoist upon the public their worthless preparations. These birds of prey, by using the name Chase, expect the public to be fooled into believing they are the medicines of Dr. A. W. Chase, who first became noted as the author of the world famed Dr. Chase's Receipe Book and family physician, and whose fame is now doubly increased by the wonderful success of his Nerve Pilis, with Nerve, Brain and Blood troubles. They play upon the name Chase, but daré not use the initials " A. W." They imítate, but dare not counterfeit the portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, which identifies the Nerve Pilla now recognized as infallible for building up pale, weak, thin-blooded, nerve exhiusted sufferers. Who are nerve-tired and brain-weary. Who are easily exhausted. Whoare wakeful - cannot sleep. Who have nervous headache. They remove the cause of blood Impurities, securing refresbing sleep and Impart strength. They build up people who find their trength and vigor waning. They settle irritated nerves, replace languor and lassitude with energy and animation. Cure Nervous Dyspepsia. CAUTION.- The protection to the public In sicuring tho genuine and original Dr. A. V. Chase preparation is in seeing the portrait and signature of A. W. Chase, AI. D., is on each box. These and thesa only are the genuine. Do not be satified with anything bearing the namf "Chase" without the initials A. W. $0 ets. of Drnggists or Dr. A. W. Chaat Medicine Co., Buffalo. N. Y.