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Willis Maccabees Installed Officers

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Willis. 'Mu-h.. Jan. 22.-The Slr tnigats of the Maccabet-s and Iridies (■ Willis joini'd in un installation cerenony Monday nigbt, followed hy un ystir supper. Dr. Emma Eook, ireat Medical Kxaminor of L. O. T. I., tnrtáVed the liulies and Givat LH-puty ■Coiumaiuler Nobl the Sir Knlgihts. At the close the installatin Dr. Cook in bebalf of the ladl of WiHla hivo presentad the reürlng wimiiandcv. Mr Wallace. witli a )eautiful Maccabee pin as a toteen of ippreciattoD In her work as commaiídor the past year. Ooök ave a short address on extensión, making the matter very pía in to tliose Interested vi Maccabee w.u-u. Mr. Ashley received a ronsing cheer for hls "Maccabee talk." Many thanks are due ti"1 guarda and thelr captain of Ypallantl Hlve for kindly assistlng In the eereuiony. London eornel baad added nmch to the entertainment by e nnmber of selecüons. A.ltogether a very enjoyable evealng was apent, wlüc-ii yoes to show that Willis Hlve and ■iVnt are in a flourlshlng eondlüon. 'Long live the accabee!