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May Reach A Compromise

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Thcre is ,i iiossiliiüiy ■■. the Water eoinpany and the city of Ann Arbor gdttiftg tojrether on i compnwnlse. Said s well kimwii nirmlier of the special water coirimittee: "The comïiiitii-c is working awa.v anU we flnJ thaf the Water company is wllling t meet as in a fair marnier and there is considerable Ukelibood of oor getting tuer .-mil agreëing upon a repori whk'U will be acceptable to tire citlznis. I Uope ü will termínate Ín iliis way ms law-saits are expeoslve and uncertiain." On ,psi what basis the compromlse is Bought is ao1 stated. The ordtnance wiiicii w:is passetl cuttlng the rutes 4oes aoi go into eífect uatil April i. uliich win glve over t montlie for Uc parties to come i" an agreement. ■ lf an agreement a reached it is to : Ue Uoped iliai ii will be given to the jniblic so that the cltlzens muy become cognizant of lts bernia i-before ii is i J througb the'coinmon eoiincil 'n the rapld' transll route.