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the Ciosing Scènes I - of oür - J ; GREAT JANUARY STOCK % I REDUCING SALE % ♦ Will possess possibilities for saving, our ladies cannot O consistently resist. In addition to all other sales now in progress and which V will continue until February lst, we offer this week Our }v ENTIRE MILLINERY STOCK I At The Below Very Interesting Prices. v pfë. (tl S% % will now purchase every Trimmed Hat we have in Stock; y ##1 É. ,..i,m- T f f a f tn's seasons most artistic designs and most popular +S VPïrylj'SfpSv mÉ%mdJ shapes we hsve been selling for up to $7.00. tmK il F" F0R ELEQANT HATS made of rich, expensive (f bTMÁ N -% "Hl I nis, trimmed in conformity with the very latest ideas, ♦ tvJ-Mj KJmJJ every one of which have sold for $7.00 up to $to.oo. Q A" 5 il i Art F0R CH0ICE 0F ANY TRIMHED HAT in our V fl lL -J# ery tleParlrnent. a'l our copies of imported models that 7 C"ft?9giïSa%Q. P jT s s have been most favored this season which we have sold at {♦ (JAWfS N f rom 810 up. ♦ CHILDREN'S TRIMMED HATS V $and $1.98 are the prices into which we have divided all our Children's trimmed Hats V 1,2 worth to #5.00. FOR ALL OUR FUR and FRENCH FELT SHAPES Turbans, Short back Sailors, ♦) J.OC etc, etc. Every one this season's style and not one worth less than $1.00. A BABY BONNETS 7 Best Quality Bengaline Silk shirred and prettily trimmed with Fur and 1%.S ËIIilM Ribbon at less than HALF PRICE. " 1ËS A 75c BABY BONNETS all selling now for 39 rzAJïïWÈBT (? 50c and 35c BABY BONNETS all reduced to l9C ;%' S # JlSfkma FEATHERS, BREASTS, WINQS, PON % M&t.TtrMr - ËbÊk-, PONS, ALL OUR BLACK 0STR1CH ( g JpW-. FEATHERS and PLUMES i ü teY} 'imË Reduced 25 % & l ÉPifa'W Ali our Colored Ostrich Feathers and Plumes (♦ 5TVm, Reduced l3 9 '''ryS Fancy Feathers, Pon Pons, Wings and Breasts ♦ Wfé "íár Less Than Cost (? 50c Breasts Selling at IQC 75c Breasts Selling at 35 J 20c Bunches Violets marked down to KlC Camelshair Tams in all colors worth $ and $1.25 to close at 75 y 75c, 60c and 50 Tams all at one price, to close ó V" I tTïïrty days 1 AFTER ÏNVENTORY I Shoe Sale LADIES' SHOES EESêa V WRIQHT & PETERS, of Rochester $4.00 and $3 .50 C._ .O V V Shoes reduced 7..v_7 w (♦ JENNESS niLLER $3.50 SHOES, winter weight, only ftO J ■ S by permission, reduced to P-O jgS W V KROHN, FECHHEIMER & CO., of Cincinnati, $300 (t. O ■ V and $2.50 Soes reduced to pl.iO H O MAJESTIC $2.50 SHOES for $1.98. We have just re-rfjíÉ ceived five rases of the wonderful Majestic $2 50 É rftíÉÜS' S Shoe (1902 Spring Style) which we will sell duringtí 1 Q ö 4 V this AFTER ÏNVENTORY SALE, at pi. O SEjSgF5 V TRY ME $2.50 SHOES reduced to Sl.ÓQ rfÊ 3ï V One Lot $1.50 Shoes reduced to QoClS WËÈÊÈÊBmÊ ' jBfl? ■ A" Misses' and Children's Shoes at a Great Reduction 4 Ê BfiU """"""" TWO UUNSUALLY BIO OFFERS X C Ml ofir V ■ k IX)T i. Misses' $1.50 and 1.75 Shoes ytJW r,5 3g_ LOT 2. Misses' $1.00 and 1.25 Shoes 2QC O SI. Wkk. Boys' and Youths' Shoes at an i ... .,J vV Z m AFTER ÏNVENTORY REDUCTION Z N Established Z 857. V Both N Phones A