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Tracks of a Man and Woman

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Only Clue to Burglars of Miss Riley's Store

$180 of Goods Taken

They Selected Fancy Trimmings and Left the Back Room in Confusion

Monday night burglars entered Miss Anna Reilly's millinery store on South Main street and secured some valuable jewelry.

When the store was opened Tuesday morning it was noticed immediately that the back room, where the trimming is done and where most of the stock is kept, was in a confusion. At first Miss Reilly thought somebody had done it for a joke as the windows and door were apparently secure.

The only goods found to be taken was some jewelry and a case that had been sent her for inspection. She did not like the case and had decided not to take it.

Before closing the store Monday night Miss Reilly swept off the back steps. A flurry of snow came during the night and upon looking at the back steps the tracks of a man and a woman were plainly to be seen, although snow which fell later partially filled the places where they had stepped.

Entrance to the store was made by forcing the back door and the burglars took care to close it after they had secured the plunder.

The only clue to the perpetrators is the tracks of the man and woman left in the snow and careful measurements have been taken of these.