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To Give Another Chocolatiere

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Undoubtedly one of the pleasantest social functions held this winter among Ann Arbor ladies was the chocolatiere at the home of Mrs. Dr. Kinyon in November. This week the second chocolatiere will be given at the home of Mrs. Wm. Wagner, on the corner of Main and Packard streets, Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 6. Twenty-five invitations have been issued, including especially the ladies living in that section of the city. On the reception committee there will be, in addition to Mrs. Wagner and her daughter, Miss Wagner, Mrs. H. M. Woods, Mrs. E. E. Eberbach, Mrs. Wm. P. Stephens, Dr. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Dr. Jones, Mrs. E. H. Eberbach, Miss E. Allmendinger, Mrs. C. B. Gillette and Mrs. Henry Mann.

These chocolatieres are given under the auspices of the Women's Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. with a double object in view. One is to bring together not only the ladies of one church or society, but of all the churches and other organizations, thus giving each participant an opportunity for a wider acquaintance and a larger, broader and nobler social life. The second object is born of the desire to further the work of the Young Men's Christian association. Just now the Auxiliary feels that the best way to assist the association is to help them buy a new piano for use in their Sunday meetings and all social gatherings. All the proceeds of these chocolatieres, therefore, go into a piano fund, and if any of the ladies who have been favored with invitations are prevented from attending and enjoying the social hour they will doubtless be glad to participate in the second part and contribute their 10 cents to the fund. Other chocolatieres are being planned and it is hoped to reach all the ladies of the city before the series is closed.