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Hawks & Angus Make New Move

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Motion to Dissolve the A. A. Railroad Injunction

About Grade Crossing

Say They Have All Appliances and Ready for Use in Ten Days

Now that Railroad Commissioner Osborn has granted the Hawks & Angus people a temporary grade crossing over the Ann Arbor railroad, it becomes necessary for the electric road company to remove another obstacle before it can proceed with the work.

Some time ago the Ann Arbor railroad obtained an injunction restraining the D., Y., A. A. & J. R'y Company from crossing its tracks at grade. Hawks & Angus have made a motion to have this injunction dissolved. Arguments on this will be heard this morning.

In the motion it is set up by Hawks &  Angus that all their rails, derailing devices and signalling appliances are being constructed and the same will be ready for use and operation in ten days from this date.

They also put in an amended answer setting up the statement that the Huron street crossing is not a dangerous one at grade.

This would make it appear that they will seek to make the crossing a permanent one instead of only temporary and then "good-bye for grade separation."