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Real Estate Transfers

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Margaret Foran, by heirs, Charles C.

Wheeler and wife, Webster, $1,600. George A. Hendricks, by administrator, to Lewis Kurtz. Ann Arbor, $275.

Mary C. Whiting to Adam Schaible, Manchester, $1,000.

Eliza C. Bird, by sheriff, to Homer J. Luther, Ann Arbor, $462.90.

Chas. F. Long, by ex., to Alice B. Chapin, Ypsilanti. $2,100.

Margaret G. Brown, by heirs to Wiliam Dansingburg, Ann Arbor, $1.

Aaron W. Crane, by heirs, to Charles E, Cole, Manchester, $1,050.

Dan R. Shier to Ida K. Shier, Ypsilanti, $1.

Caroline Staggemeier to William Holt et al., Manchester, $550.

Frederick Schmid and wife to Wilhelm Molkenthin and wife, Ann Arbor, $1,100.

Charles G. Liddell and wife to Maria A. Rogers, Ann Arbor, $1.

Ann Arbor Savings Bank to John Steffen, Ann Arbor township, $625.

Charles R. Page and wife, Sylvan, $150.

Charles E. Hiscock to Ann Arbor Savings Bank, Ann Arbor township, $1.

Levi Chamberlin and wife to Herbert

C. Gordon and wife, Ypslanti, $1. John O'Hara to Elizabeth J. Walton, Ann Arbor, $1.

Alida Case to Charles B. Case, York, $1.

Edward H. Waples to Hessie J. Tanner, Ann Arbor, $1.

Maria A. Rogers to Charles G. Liddell and wife. Ann Arbor, $1.

Chaires L. Rane and wife to Fannie Alexander, Northfield, $100.

Erwin C. Glover et al. to Philip Stierlie, Lodi, $1.

Ferdinad Gutekunst et al. to Harmon S. Holmes, Sylvan, $825.

Bernard Parker to Ardella Beckwith, Sylvan, $1.

Sophronia Cross to Ardella Beckwith, Sylvan, $50.

Deloss Ioomis to Ardella Beckwith, Sylvan, $1.

Hugh McNalIy to Arde] te Beckwith,