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TOMORROW we place before our patrons a most remarkable collection of Lace Curtains, Muslin Curtains. Portieres, Etc., being all of our different lines of which we have left only 1, 2, 3 or 4 pairs to the pattern, grouped into lots and marked at prices that will speedily sell them. Every Lot A Genuine Bargain.

It will be your opportunity to make a worthy saving in the purchase of your spring wants.   AS ADVERTISED SO YOU'LL FIND THEM

1 Lot Ruffled Muslin Curtains, 2 1/2 yd. long, well made, good materials, in many styles, were purchased for 50c leaders, we part with them at...39c

1 Lot Ruffled Muslin Curtains, 2 1/4 yd. long, nicely made, narrow Lace Insertion in border, our dollar leaders to close at...75c

42 1/2 Pair Odd Ruffled Curtains, consisting of half pairs and one, two and three pairs of a kind, some with colored insertion, fancy stripes and lace edges, All Late New Patterns, worth $1.25, 1.35, 1.50 and 1.75 at for choice...$1.00

75 Pair Odd Ruffled Curtains, 3 yd. long, fancy figured and plain materials, very neatly made, some of them embroidered in Honiton effects, our regular prices $2.25, 1/75 and 1/35 now selling at $1.75, $1.48 and...98c

1 Lot Ruffled Muslin Curtains, good lace edge, 42 inches wide, 3 yards long, all of them out of our $1.50 line, are marked down to...$1.15

1 Lot Ruffled Bobbinet Curtains, in many styles, good lace edge and insertion, full length, 37 1/2 pair in the lot, worth $1.75, 1.85, 2.00 and 2.25, you get the choice of this lot for...1.68

1 Lot Ruffled Bobbinet Curtains, in assortments of 1/2 to 5 pairs, fine heavy lace edge and insertion, 8 different styles to choose from in $3.50, 3.75 and 4.75 values all at...$2,68

1 Lot Extra Heavy Net Curtains, edged with genuine Battenburg Lace, cluny and insertion, 3 yd. long, 43 in. wide, very dainty and stylish, worth $4.00, 10 pair in all, at...$2.98

1 Lot Extra Heavy Net Curtains, genuine Cluny Lace, edging and insertion, 9 pair only in this lot worth $6.50 to close now at...$3.98

1 Lot Brussels Net Curtains, containing 32 pair, in patterns of 1/2 to 4 pair each, all choice handsome designs, never marked less than $4.75. 6.50, 6.75 and 7.50, one price for the lot...$4.48

1 Lot Heavy Arabian Net Curtains, rich effective designs, comprising 12 pair of 1/2, 1, 2, 2 1/2, 3 and 4 pair in the lots, all of them marked $9.00 and 9.50, are yours while they last for...$5.48



Heavy Tapestry and Chenille Portieres, deep fringe top and bottom, we have always sold for $3.50 are marked to close at...$2.25

Heavy Figured Velour Tapestry Portieres, fringed top and bottom, our always $3.75 values to close at...$2.25

Brown Figured Tapestry Portieres, full length and width, excellent $3.25 sellers are also in this sale at...$2.25

Pair Tapestry Curtains, assorted colors, in best styles, were bought for $2.25 bargain leaders, are let go at...$1.79

25 Oriental Stripe Couch Covers, assorted colors, fringed all around, full width and length worth $3.00 each, in this sale we part with them for...$1.00

10 Pieces Roman Stripes and Oriental Tapestries for couch covers, window seats and cosy corners, 50 inches wide, usually sold at 75 a yard, these goods will be marked during February at...50c



For Full Lengths and Sash Curtains, Drapes and Furniture Coverings.

250 Yards Figured Muslins, short and full pieces, some with edges slightly soiled, all 15 cent goods marked as close outs...10c

150 Yards Figured Denims, short lengths in one to ten yard pieces, fancy patterns, good designs, 15c values at...10c



THE VERY BEST GRADE OF HAND-MADE OPAQUE AND HOLLAND is used in the shades we make to measure. All shades and widths in stock. Get Estimates On Anything You May Want. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Oak Curtain Poles with brackets and ends complete at...15c and 10c

Brass Curtain Rods with fixtures at...10c and 5c



For Halls, Dens, Cosy Corners, Libraries, Student Rooms, Club Rooms, Etc.

Faithful Reproductions in Metal and Papier Mache', in battle shields, helmets, battle axes, spears, swords, Poniards, Crests, in single pieces and groups.  All At Special Prices During February.

200c Genuine French Bayonet Swords, made for the French army, with makers name engraved upon the back, best tempered steel with scabbard, complete, worth $3.00 to $5.00 marked for this sale...40c


Upholstering, Repairing, For Halls, Dens. Cosy Corners,

The facilities we possess for this kind of work are the best.  The work we turn out is of the highest order.  Just as it should be.

A telephone message will bring a man to your home who will receive your order at the same time giving you the cost of the work to be done, absolute satisfaction depend upon it.