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Just To Make It Certain

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The hearing of the petition to a guardián appointed for Adelia Alexaiwler, an okl ally of Pittafleld, occupied the attention of the probate eourt Wediwsdiiy. , Stie has a ïnorrgagw of the Geddes 40 acres calliuK for $1,400. WiHh Leonard Baseefrt act uk .is her trustee. The townehtp offreers of Pittstieid think that a guardián shonhl bs aiijohited for her n order t have a man who Ls onder ixuuls otf the oourl bo liikc care of tliis seeurity. Jn othei1 worde, Uie townsbip offl'cers tlünU bhat ilii $1,400 mortgaige would be euougli to Enippori in-r ft t'ix.' balance it" her lite juni the iinvnsiii]! wouM be gnaranteed against her becoming b county ehat'ge. ü' she beeomea a county pge the townöhip f Plttsfleld :.vim!i] Ik' oliliscd lo stand tli( expejwe. A. .1. Sawyer has been retalned in )■- the petlttou and ï'Vank Joata is defending the ajrpKcatíon óii the part of the iiuiis)ii]) ofiScere. Aftei' the witnesses wci-c heard und tl; argnments of Frank E. .Iones for the petitloner and A. .1. .SawyT agalnst the same, Judge i Probate Watklns appointed Morton P. Case of Pittsfleld guardián. lie had offered it to Leonard Baésett, ")]o lias been acting as the &gentt f Miss AJexánder, bat he deelined. funds now amonm to $1,800.