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Is Negotiating For Some Lands

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The instel latios of ;i forestry depari oieni inio the Un-iyersity has been ac eepted not only by the staden'; bodj luit also by thé people of tbe siaio ii general as ap exeeptkmafly good fea nir are at present; only tlirei colleges in the l'nitd St.-itcs wliich glv sik-U a eownse. York sta 1 1 College dl' Forestry, vliii. oiïVvs ,-u undrgm(iuate course ft' flour years the degree óf foresl engi ■, is idriiiiticil wi1ii the lilcravy il'i'iu-iK'll Unlveralty, imt i separate famliy and áeeures a apeciwl gratit fi-nm öhe state. The Vale Pomsi Si-!!.,.-i], whtch is a two-yeárs i-dui-sc and opea only fco college gniduglves the degr f master f forestry. 'rin Billonore Foeest school .i course ooverlng one year 1 uit ,Iks nui leail id a degree. Prof. Da vis. foi-iiicily oí Alma ('nlha.s been placed in charge o foreetry departmeni here and is nowat svork getting Uiinsrs in shaipe. He has Juat returned froin a trip to the different schools where he has made a thoTOUffh stmiy of the systcins i use there. Prof. Javis is now negotlattng "r lands experimenta] forestry purjxjscs inch it is hoped the friende it" the university will dónate, and with thls purpose in view lic is also gfvlnga series r lectures throuhout i.lic state. The woi-k in this dcpai'-tnifiil of the l'üiversity will bgtD npxt l'all. and will toe opon onlv to thosc havlue etor's tl('T'cs. it will in all p?obability be a two-year rarae and as in the case of tlie eomblned course, will have a certa In amount of requteed Uterary work. The worfe leadtag np t tbe teclnm-al foreetry wil! le mostly in the sciencés, such a gotogy, physical geography, mineralogy, ehemtetry, hematíes. surveyhiK and DO0I ■ai-lieularly Uoiany. l-'oi-cslr.v is inileli further advaoced in BJiiropeati coanc than in Ainerii-.i. 'l'he iirsi bu(if Bwestry was establiahed in 1876, and sinee thal time fnresti-y Ween at Iracl iu:i (vmsidei-aUle a Hem ion In this country, until is aow gfettlng (■ 'ie a regular business. Most peóple have an idea this work will be done exelusively i'or govermments. 'l'iiat this f i'iit'irely the i-ase can easily be Been fr Prof. Davis' ivmark when asked this question: "I .-un oí the opinión thal uheiporations, H'ke railroads. insurane.' and uiiuiiii;' companles and suob organlzations as shootinjí clubfl, realize whal a 'gwxl Investment a woll-cared -for forest is, thcy will cali for trained miv Jiere is ihe opportunlty tor wur coMege foresters."