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M'gee's Horse Was Too Slow

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i Borne limes paye to have a Uorse tliat eaninrply jog a long without beIng able to cover as mucli groiuid n a giren space ot time as "Happy Han" "Dick S" or "üiily G." It Ís just for iliis reason tiiai Charles McG-ee la ooi minus hís animal wliicii was stolen on Tnesday uiglit. tík horse was i aki-n all right, mi wlicu the fellows saw tliai they vvould é able to get ou1 ot Wahtena w ■ouiny for a long period they prompty turnecl around and drove tbe animal o Benz's iiai'n. stating iliat they vcnild cali for 11 m bhe morning. The ncn are describid as being an olil ñau and a young fellow, and Sheriff rillen Miinks they are the same ones vin were let out oï jai) Tuesdiay uiornng al tfhe ('X)in-atioii o-f a vagrancy iharge. .V pair answering thia deacription veré aeeu to inufte tac hórse oí Ernán►el SrhiHMilcr Wednesday nislit and trlve away. It s attogetuer probable tiíai they emalned in town Wednesday and Naiied until Wednesday nlgW before ■hooslng another horse. Al least sooms to lie oin a íoi'se.