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14 Passengrs Were Injured

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Jwekaon, Voh. 24.- A bout 0:30 tb moming. as the Hawks-Angus ?ar wa coming to the city from Aun, Arbor, i making the curve frotn Page aveira north tíie car 1-eft the trucks am turnecl over in the mud, the tracks run ning along on the track for abou twciity rods. There iwre ilxiut dozen pesemgers, indhiding two iadlea .nul aM werft thrown in a ïteap, eaé ■ UK' betng soiiH'wliat liniisiMl. Th (jui.v ooe seriously tojuretí was Bei Air. Hetbert, pasrtor otf the Congrega tioiuil chiu-.-h al Gt89 Lake. Jli riü-lit leg was brokoii between tlio kno aud hip. The otlhers on the -ar VFere ('has. Whittaker, Chelea; F. B. Whit taker, Sandu i.-li. om.: MMhael 3 Lehman, Ann Arbor; F. a. Rowley Van Weit. t).: Krctl Hrufsaiiicl'. OheJ sea: Oti8 Hou'gh. .MarcclJiis: Chae Moore, Suntidi]; Jfrs. Kiniii.t Sanfdj-il and daughter, .Miss .I;ry, ('li.-lscu; Pred Schiiiid!. Amn Arhoi-: .1. Shaw, Ja?kson; E. Chapman, Vi,siiant. All bruised, serei-ai] rewived outa on ttae hands or face, bul none were "ïisiv ïn.iuri'ii. fSxey wcrc eovered uil] mud ;iik1 in a mrmber oL cases tbeii cJ-otMiïg w:is bwdJy born. Rev: L, (,;. II. Tl. cri. Iinlc.v B. Wliii i-i i r i,, ni., 'and Chas VVhittaker otf Ohelsaa were taken ti the city bospital. The totfer was imi siiy-luly bruieed and is atout ilic city. Dr. Robinson, aesteted by Dr. Yotmg .■imi I ir. Graham, rethiced il,, "f .Mr. Hrbert's leg and lir was resting easy ihis afternoon. Fiuley B. Wlhttitaker is badly Injnred in the back, bírt lunv sitíoiis ilii' physii-iaus are not yet atole to mj. nis Hougih of MarceUua aaW ■ar was running ai atoigli rftte ui' epeed iluwii the grafle, mul as ii struöb the mi-w there was a tëi ifrtog .■nul before anyone U) iln' car could reaJize anythmg the cas !-r Qi-e trucks mik! rolled over ''i bhe groutwl, pirowiim- pessengers in .-i heap. Mr. Hougli esiituatexl tJnat tbe oor must Iwive been gtoing ,-u the rate of .", or 30 niüi's ,-iu huur lien ir feitruck i lic rurvc. The car was in chai-ge of tondu Win. Coanstock :iml Motorman -los. Smith. bbth of Ypsilanti. rhey weet both bruisad, ihc motorman s'iini' severe euts on the head. Supt. Men-itt of the Hawks-Angus line came bo Jacksou on the flrst car the aecWeirt and is looking after the injuivii. He s.iiil tq ihc Press that ir was ini.ssil.iU' ai present to say w iiai was the cause of the oocident, Uut tliai as Boon as the tajured are properly taken an-e of a thorough invi'stiiration wili be in.-iclc. it is stated ili.n tuotxwmaT) elaimed tha brakes refused to work, inu. this Mr. Miu-rill says could nui te Crue. brakes are so eonstrufcted ihai tlicy never fall. The wrefcked ear was Nd. ). Kho Srsl car tlia'i ran over the line l'nrai Aun Arbor to this citj