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Improvements For The A. A. Railroad

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The A im Amor railixxad, of uhirh W. R. r.uii. ui' Sagina-w, is president, has planned iiiii' extensivo inipiovciiumiis io ]ƒ niade by the company diiri! rmlng summer. 1 ini] m- ■ in Mne wiih the Imln-ivi'in,Miis vvhich h.-ivc been in duiïng the pasi seven years, during hii-h tiine -)" miles of t have been rel milt. In tihe iclni Late George bhree mltes of new Hne will bc Imül. su .-i, ivay itli curves, ir, is expected timt Croi to 60 niili-s of track wül be hall. i: lMii-aiid the Aun Artoor will juin the Grand 'l'rinik i:i ihe erecüon at a $40,000 station. A n.-w siat ion is also tu be erecteii ai Frankfort fo ai-ronmioilale the heavy sumiller travel wliieh is expected at. the Imtel at poinit, whieh has jus't been eompleted by tiie .im Ai-ior, and whicli is une of Ihe hamlsiiiiest sumiller hotels in the country.