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M. J. Lehman Hurt Internally

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Jackson, Mioh.. Kebruary 25.- Tho acoiden whk-h happened on tlie llüuks & A neus line near tbis city .v.-su-i-day wsfs ;i fortúnate one in tbat oobody was kilknl, altbough all tJie [y&aaeageea mere move lsa injured. Al J. Lrliimiii. oí Aim Artjor, re(.elved iiKenuil injurie-;, but is not in a (l.-iiincrous eondition. 'ïHic tootorman cliinns rhat the hreabs lïln't vroik, luir ihis is (ljiifii !iy Slipt. .Men-ül, of wte HawKS-Angus Itne, who asset-is tii:M rhe torakes are so eonatructed tliat 6hey neVrr f;iil. Xt lia1 been hmfced bebfre that cars havo boon ntn nronnd curvos at uimfe naos ot' speed, .iml tí4 races tate '1 ' Bhe ll;inks-.l!i;i]s and Hoiiiua liu.-s between Jacköon and .Mirhií;Hi Oenter. öeaeraJ Managw Merrill dented that eaTs .ui lus line have raced. "Ii is tnit." he Bald, -t-luat tlue eurvo uh.Tf the car Went ott la at the toot at i tong liül. and Ihat in a fog the rails sllppery. 'iiiar. the brakee vorki'd there is no dortbt, bowerW, is i round tin-m sci on t.iic hrocka, vliich dia not leave Mu; rack. Vbe dng ixilis holding tlie body of the ar to the trucks did not break, but lic boiisters pufled off the trneks. I l.m'i 'iciicvc ttior.' ' ever btífore an accMnt ir. eMSier .mi a steam or au e il."