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For Twenty-one Years

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Catarrh Remedies and Doctori Failed- Pe-ru-na Cured. ■■■■■.. ,j_. ■ ... .,.,...,, MR. A. E. KIDD. - ■ f i itioiii.iriiiÉii ELGIN, IIjL. - In a very recent communication from this place comes th news that Mr. Arthur Ernest Kidd, % ■well-known architect of that city, hag made complete recovery from catarrh of thO head from -whlch he had snffered for nearly a qnarter of a century. He writea from 18 Hamilton ave. : " I am 42 years of age, and have had catarrh of the head for over half of my life, as a result of scarlet fever, followed by typhoid fever. I got so bad that I was almost constantly eoughing and clearing my throat. The catarrh greatly impaired my eyesight, and the hearing in one ear, and reduced my weight to 110 pounds. -. " I tried nearly every catarrh remedy advertised, besides a great many differ ent physicians' treatments, all of which failed. " I had heard and read of Pernna, and flnally decided to try it two months ago. I have iiow taken seven bottles, and weigh 172 pounds. Never feit happier or merrier. Feel tip top."- A. E. KIDD.' If yon do not derive prompt and satisfactory resul ts from the use of Peruna, wxite at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a fnll statement of your case and ho wül be pleased to glve you hls valuable advlce gratis. . Address Dr. Hartman, President of The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.