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Fruit Of Imperialism

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repu'bltcan májbrity of the seoate seeins to ha vi' placed tihemsclves ín a bad fix by uptoakllng tho ruling of the c-hair that Senators TiHman and MeLaurin oannoi until tüey havo purged themaclves o! contempt of phseuatc. This aeems to be au extra-cgmstitution decisión, lmt the majorlty h;i become so anistomed to exercise awthority outsrtde Hiai Cundaonental law that tliis sic]) seeins tiol to have cansed tfliem antoh concern, Howöver, thcy are not through wiili the affalr yet 'Jhi'.v deprived the two .ourh Oarolhia eenatora otf their rih1 to vote on tlio Philiiipino tariff bill, Uut this use of deepotic power by the ma contrary to the constltutton ís aestlnea to Itorher tbem yet. The sen-ato naay êxpel a inember, bal clearly it bas no rigïn to prevea a state froiu beiwg pepresentetl in that body. Bm in lts awtton celatlve to {Senators Tilintan and McLaWln, while ■not baving the aecessary rotes to expe), theaenate reiueed Sooth Carolina ivpre.s-Piitatives the i-ilit to vote. This is equivalent to denyirig a state tüM rijrlit to be !-('in-srntcl in the seuate It the men now representing tliat ijtatt are mot öt men to be menibe '8 ; fhat body, the coostRutton gives the eeiiate th right to esiel tliom, but no where is the right eonfen-ed Tipon the tnajority to keep a state uiiretwesentei. ïf the right of th senate todo what tt has octually done really exlerted, any state or any nwnber of stats couid be kit. unrepreseoted atty length o time at tbc mere (iemand af a par majortty, and pon any pretest whiel fchai majority might set up. And t lier woiiltl be no rédress left to the state st ..ntniged. I; retnaiB-ed tor Senator Bailey, a imieh sneered-at democrat, to make mítter so perfectly dear by his i-ons ■iitii)ii;il .iriruincnt tli.-it llie majority broke and took ti cover. Not iiiiy (lid senate adjourn aiter iiearnis argument, bu( Prealdont Pro Tem Prye hatened to restore Senators Tillman ;int McLauriu tg the poll of hi ou ii ,-n-t Inetead of , daring to watt feit the m.ijority to unóo ifs arbitrary. devotie asad revoíu. v action. 'Diis ad otf the m;i■ in refushig to permit two ■ allí Carolina i vote in■ i : maI H'onlil ,n righl bere iu the' l"iiiiM.l States iii; Bor eonirtttutioiial ilibi'bitiOUS. Il is .-I n.-ilurai out ur -of Che unrestrlcted iower which lias asswmed retetlve to üie aew territorios of Wit' riiitcd States. And it indica tes in no sniall wáy ilic danger to oair libertiea al 1 ie grwwlng out iiiti-ary power over the pople we bare redaoed by force. Our owa people are lmnljy ready, imivevcr. to a:)ui''s-i-f' in any sw ii ar1)itrary ase of pover. Tbe American people aml iiii'lioa are pleased to !h"ve Priutv Ht-iwy with illiem, boitih as the repreeeotiBjive of bis broüiT. th (rcTman Walser, mwl oo bte owii account The A.nerlean uatioa gtaóHy iibovrn bim lioaor tor wtmt he ropeesents amd tor ■'bal de la During bis mrief sta y toe jrl i convinccd that our peopbe wee liearty ;iim1 i-onü.i'. in i:tn wtlcom. 'i'ln'.v "(I li hiivc liim .! ■.Ui'. and i"' iil be tliopougülj sati í'.i'-í ■■ "he is througb wii1!! i.hc C n )i-; Ixmor. T!i.-n' wfM ■ lo QÓ SU ie rh' monarfhial ppiaciph, bul llniiunicv.y alw&ys üue from ouv rtvillzed n to a high rt')i-c.sciiiat.ic ■ t irreat nation. S. In Hoooring Primee Ileory lie Ahk-i-íimh people do honor to tihernselTes. WiMiaim Jennings Brya.u niatle a : speach bef ore the senior laws ui Suumlay. He was gneeted ty probiiMy t!if largeert audtence Qi Hiias evr 0 ;!i A in Arli.u-. Th l'ffoW w.-is of his best, lw w;us ueVer ■ eloquent One Iws not liave fco ■ it ai)J bis views bo om?ede tihat lie N; i iavat orator. He will liever -svaut im ;in amddeace for ihe ialways has a message ivMcih tlhe thousaade waat to The infamous tarllf bill Mbnday by a striot ►arty rote. A ti's leasure with the one pa ears ago relating to Poj low rapWly we are ad :ong mperialistic Unes. Tli. Porto Kican aeasure on account of fine clanKor aleed by the people oí thia couuti-y was made tenaporary In lts operations. But tlic Philippine bilí has no indication tbat it is not Intended tofoe a ]h.m-mamcnt rhing. Thvro is notliiug in it to indícate rh.ii the Untted States does ■ot latend to hald thoee Wanda fortver in e state of rassalage. So far as the meaanre reveols anyËnJng, it lndieates rhat in the provisiona of the measure are to be found tStus permanent policy Of tbis nation. This tueasure, If it shall finully ibe enaeteil. as it óertalnlj will be, Indlcates the ünal departo i.r the repohlic trom bhe fouTKiatious oí the fathere and no one cm suceessfuHy deny farther that a i-:i(lic-i! ehaoge has been brugli1 a-botït In the eonstitution of the repiibllc as always heretofore in-teppreted. The clisgreM i ful afflair in Uuited 3 seoate last Saiuitlay is a li-.mirlatkni to t"lir wlioie country. Tiir two i'.inJiii;! senators. Mesare, Tillnan and McLaurtfn. proceeded ■ i miake a display ctf ffluemseflveé whWh .1 ïiavc böeai fl dlsgmcé bo tfhe irize rlug. It inui be canoeded iliai ■ lulucl of 'nililKiii u rsr ih.ill tll.-l! Of biS r..;;i-;l-lr. l.UI lli(' UK i III I i( U.iili was wholi.v ini'xrusiihli'. 'l'ln-y wil! to ;ill ptobabllíty be dtecipltoed before ilic senatie is öhrough ui! li flH'in. Tlicrr lias l.ivn a strOUg persona'! feeling existiog between i lumen for 9ome tiiiiu1. bilt i bias never beretofore lrkn ovA ta Bstlouffs 'ii tbc Hoor of scnair. SepatfOT 'L'illnian ar.-nscil bis of being iuMiioi.-i-il by impropiar motívE6 in hls vii(' in Pavor of ttoe PWllpptoe treaty, vvhereupon Seoatot calleü Ti tl man a maíioious liar. Theo Miman lrani,' Ms ra! and struck .Mcl.aurin l'ull in face wirli fisi. t'liis clie circus. I ie ttonors !ma n Prlnce Henry are ïxii. so murli on his own accouiM as on .■irr.iuii! of lila representa Uve cliaracilc is Minuiiü iis as the representative of .-i m-rji and frleiKUy aation and tbal oatioo's ehief. Hi comiag ia i au wel ai i-Durrcsy m the part of GerI n'.any riiirli aböuld I1 nni willi cori respoudiug oourtesy on our i.-n-r. Hm! uatianal mauuèrs ure quite ;is i tmpórtant ;is gpood in.inncrs in iodividi uals, ;ml vvhat well tred person oulil t'ninl; of snutobing a Priend on such a i ..i. aa is Prinee HeuryV AJI the I AiiLi'i-icin uatlon .ind people are is extendiníg eaurtesy Cor cowtesy. (luisiilc of a few fhmkeys, wiho Uke i!n' are always wiih us, t n ■!■ s im ttteposition to iirinl the befoire Prince becaüse Is ;i liiird geni n, or for auy oihv rea son Por matter, bui every wel! invd Ann citizeu ■- . ;i'-i!cil by Uis bree lo slin' I H gen-I U'iii;m. Senatoriiil diguity was avl' tt-cnmded ■ Icuff affair ö the senate eharnber the other day, b1 tha1 sji'me drgnity sim nis nut to bave beea erioiislj w'miihIihI bj the charge vliat Stnator MfLaurin vas purchased wiih i-]uiili-;ui patronage. This methnd "1 IltlueUCittg VOtcs is fOlislMMI i.v fl'Mn i imI o .liid .-m iiu' (iclic.Mic Benslbllities of Ue oiembers are uot öeeply trurt Khere ly. In fact thi'.v appear lo likc tliat kind oi' questknmWe bandllng. VV'hy li.x's uot. somo goot) republlcan senatf risc iij aad give a reasou whii-h wlM (."onvince the public that thfire is some eotirely reputaWe and proper c.vp'.itni;sm of the act of the republiean admtntstratlon ín turning over South OaroMna federal patronage to a flemo-■n.-iioi-'.' Senator TUlanan rtid a tlisgraceful thln'g, but noi n ■at-eful ;is ih.-u whlch he ehái gi d si UIs aolleague and the sene ie, il' liarge be truc