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Bryan Wants Us To Be A World Power By Example

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iBsámblage ere1 gatharcii iu riu' magolflcentl audd' f l.'iuwrsi.t.y Hall crewtod ibs way iu Saturtfcay sdüecpoon to luw oí vin' iiuitúnji'.s fonempst oraOora and Ivaihi-s. Wi-lliiam Jenniings Bi-yau. Uwng iM-f..rc the et bhe exBPcJses, towTiBpeople, visftors. and rfudenlt otbap itLn the "law" huirkil towwwí the lij; (viniT Eructarte, and Dy eme o'etock ewery ,ivaiiaiilc seat, exeept (Uwee reserved om Öüe Bist flow Bar the laws, was bakent The legal irruik'NK'ii Hifii n shortly befóte two i.'.-i-M-k aml were liij-t-cit-il v T'hi-ir Becrion by Sccrrtsiry Wade ;unl Major Sonic. Tb'en cante bhe rudb for Btaoding room. Bvry avadlabte inch In Che a.isli-s was oeeupled and yet the opovrd could iu be aocoanmodated. The hall as jammed alimist ti suffoi-aijoii. Shtartíy after two o'clock roembeiis of tiic faculty, and ttoe local bar iouk seate mi the platform. Khen aiipeari a Cace such ;is oever yel masfeed medSIi was face of William .loniiiims i'.ry.ui. clear-cul nul Strong. Brjiam's appeanance was greetjeel wiih tumultueus applause. The okl Varsïiy yiel'l and elass yelts mingled wil'h cheers and roars made one of ,mii do rel greetiugö Bryau evei , r.i. Thai thls pleaaed öne oraior cviilcii; l'rrin lii ! i-i.n and happy siaüi ■. Aficr au orgain solo by I'rot'. smnlry aml tWO si'lccl ions by the maml"i i ii elllb, l'.ryaii was luKroduced and Ucuau the (K'livci-y of the orattdon of day. lic referred to UtocoLu's GetitjiBburg apëeci) and sald ih.ü on suoli days as Öieèe all Araerlemns slumld dedícate thcmst-lvcs ii tln-ii(Mimtry. llo thon proceeded Ito il dteCUSsiou f ririli.a.lHin. dri-lariiiii' his at I hal the (litïrrrnrc Uetwccti ti low aml a beigh State of (vili.aiion was iidl B iliftViciicc in inrellcrttial ucalth. bul in iiKJia! próctíce. IK ih'.-'ai'i'd ilvai ihe est of fl inan's grea) nc-s va hls service to llis felhXVt man. lic ilcnied lilmt. ■jiiüi Uay 1"' iwcen a Imman ni'saiiisin and B 90CÍa ..ivanism was sn exact all naiions like all indiviiliials must d'ie. ■f : iiatkm is not recreant bo ii-incipies ol jusliee." said he. 'Hie-iv is 00 re.' sul uli.v ii ni;iy nul endure unril the eind of Hme." Mr. l'.iyan rii'i)in'iilly i"'tt'd cripnirc durtng iiis addiress. "I CarmeHy quolcll olllel' .-lUlllDl-itics." s.lill Ml'. l'.i-yan. ■■luit 1 l)imil tibial 1 had te (Jefcinl ilinsi' .-mi lini-ii ii and t late yeaTs I quote scrlpture and I lei ui, oppouentS ü' aiwl liühif il oul l!i Ih I'.ililc uh'ili' 1 raii rhcn pi alioiil m. Lmstoess." Said lic l'afcer: '"S4nce hal terribd cxfiii wiiir'.i dook fixiiii (Mir country u .ivsiiirü'. üiere lias tyeen consttderabl disciissi(tn alini the ïucans of sui [■eteiing anarcliy. Anarchy s liateful and ( n be suppresseö. We have nini'M-il luirse stee Ving t'ur over i hiuidri'd yoai's. ytl horses are .■ i tul borse straling caiiuot be ötopped iiniil ve n-adi 1 1 - luirse tMef a letter v;iy to live. Y'l! tilid llial lili' nalitins of Bnrope wliicfc have Míe coosl sfríngeail I.íws apaduel aiïardhy Uave the inus'l anaiviilsl-. Yon sbOtlW lc.-ii-! ihr aiaai-ehlsts tüBi gQvernmen-1 s qi éesiry .-incl li.ii our fonn o oreurt e bcsl mi c.-ii'iii. Pl i toe 10 an.n-rhy s ihc m.iu v lio suivrs Iris utm i bo malte Me gavertimetíl per-1 PeobkMi. lïui no imvoniiiicn! can he .ilisirlulcly perfect. Human Ii.-hkN cannut íiKiiihl abaotote perfeotikm. "liy. '.Mn'ii tíhe de ctats are in power I can prove (y every republioantlia't ihc ■((Vi'1-nunMil s nol ]n-ii'tM- and whfiD . l.uMiraiis are iu powei' BUere s ni ín 'd oí any pn)f. li is perfocüy appai'i Mr. Hryan took a 1'all mu ni' Scliwali. i.iic iircsidcui of the United States shs-i Tnisi. "Leas toan a ye&r ago," he aaM, "1 rcad of a man wtoo tnlked bo .i hlgh sctoool gtraduaiting chiss. He i 'i. 1 1 tlicni il' t.licy WOU'ld lea ve SOhOol at 1h ajr of 16 or 17 and go to work thi'.v wxnjM set siich i suirt tlhat fche eo'i'ieg'e man would oever overtaice tlhoui. Aivd whon I rfad tbat this man ras af tíie gambliivg tal)ls of Monte iai-: I tihOTlglrt he was dains iless iü lo his cowviry Khepe tiran in íulkUÏ-' to íri-aduat'hiír cSasses." Sian'uiK viih these and oüht'v principies, Bryan took up the Hösbtane af trusts, (mpentaltam, ec. Tibe Dectewattoo oí Inöependenee." mM I, "ís at presen under a clowl. ni I betteve the clwuds WÍH roll by. Ms natltan Ib not y1! roady ix abanon tht" doctrines antiounceid by Jeferaon and restated by Ijmooln in th v.inls. 'Xo man 'Ís fie no g-overn anWtiec man wirhoiit tfliíit maivs eon'-ent.' " Bryan almorft liftttl Uis awUance ort' fs feet "vvith 'liis ívfeivnivs to ÜK mtíatltfed fai-nn-rs of the Tran.svavil. 'After tww aad a iva 1 1' yrs of fightag wWfli an eaornKnis expeöftlftiire of Onlish Wodd a ml bpeasure," wüld tlje iratoi', ■ICnjjlaiKl has nvt eomqueréd tte Boets, nut I pray God She uevesr vill." "If aoyowe teH yon wie should iTirohase trafde wtth blood swk theni o funnish the UIimhI." "Sometamos men mysedf are iiK'i-c;ui.' i wiant tlic 'íriimi Stíates to !"■ b vrorW porww. iui wc airó ii"'i giotog to be satfis&eid viiii luiTcly eanquerhig balf-alviMaed i.i ion-. We want o eooq-aer sri-.-n . uiot hy jinns. hut i.v Aniri-ic-.-iii ideas, i wam tiie United States i" deátroj every ünom ari h. ly iis idöas. ■I wan; öïe Aanerictan iu]lii Uvis l.-iy i.i Blte great principies it' Wi-liiiiLnon. II;ir yim yamag stulellIS tf l'.-HV. alHl 'M1 ollllT Sllll"lllS. ■vt i' .■.!i-ilci-i-(l iiat rliv Downes irase iicaiis: it meaos tiial Bbe preside! nwl oongneaa may déa'l uitn Porto Rico .is KÉng George III oud parllant nl lU-all wit h .-iiinnirs. It mans taxaiion witJïOUt i'eiivsrnt:aiwii. and can govern tihem -vvirhout llh'ir ronsvut. I.i-I ask nvo qtieelioii-: "Do ymi llueve in cpnstitutiaaat m,iM-iyv Of course you do. ■'1'inii ir you ucimI a cojistitTiHoH i pr. ,u - yonisclvi's. wli.v does ooi Uw PoiDn Ki.-au nccl nnv slill more tO proteCI himscir." He lias uot tíie riíílrt Do eletd the tegfehltBre ihat bis laws. And. X M n ■ ritte in tlic Dcrl.'ira liim if [odepieudence, thai all men an crcauii equa4, is trwe, U is ova: iluiy b appfl.v il to ttoe Eorto EUean. Il' w meed state i-onstitiuiuiis. ttoem rli. Port Böbbb oeed one. H' they bavn n ri'-in in (hic. m-'iiiu'r luivf we." Speakliig to young nten' in tinMiidifiict Bryau refeafwkJ to tlie fabled dhfiáee of yotrag Hercules. "Ome woiHiiu ili-csscfl iti gandy atriiv appixjaohed bbe youth Hercules sayiog, ■iy iiatiic is Pleasure, tbough iny enemteB oaW me Vlce. Fullow me aod ril riu-ni-h yi wiili the rtchesl tooö :inii uiiic and let yon diiink eoolinu.illy Trom cup of Joy.' SaW ihc . .i( Li -r. 'FtoMOW and your wll'l liMiil wiih siriiu.uirs and ciiuicntions. wii'h S1OI-1HS wad tempfsts, bul n.'i'il II be ímiawtailty.' Ii is more wouderful," eootiniiècl Bryam, ■■[■ be grttrt eswugii to smul a messag lo uiwniT;Hi'ns Of :i Ilitnisaud y,n lienoe than to eend a aiesge b me.-ms of ï - ■ fnventfoïis of setence i ihc skte of tbe eartfli." In conclusión Mr. t'.ryan drew i.iiiril'ul piciurc dI' ('hrii befoi lMhiti'. "Pílate," sniil hf. "wtas th i ii ti i-.-i i i ' n t of Power. Benin' was ( 'm ■'.-! i-, aml iH'iiiinl Oaésar ih it-ííHMis of Uoiui'. chi-it stwoil before liirn inrck and humbl-e. the embod'lnicii.i of I.iivi'. THry nailed Hi:u to i.lic cross, l'.ui frojn ü1 tbe power otf imi.r 'i Komc begai vie. wihiHf nlic sj.ij-it of Obrtsl has ni;t r.-h in u' "ii .'Hui OB aixl t;il;i-n saion of the souls of men. In .■oniilry bodáj l."r :rn(i l'OWCT have aga'in niel r.-u-c t fee. Simll ivc dböooe ihf oiif ihc obor7 ii'.-iil wr aAigmenl the tesül4tes ateiMng the opi-.iii.-ii i..ri of a:i Efnglisb kiti.i; by aartfomwihig timi rlie Anu-i-ican lleala af the l.-isi rtic bwndi-ed uut tuciny ycu's H;i vi' Im-cü del lisiaos or sliail we anummce hhat Bbe great republlc 'is istill biliiy ï'solvtxl to remata true to the jus!, doctrines 1" koi"i?; ■Washington and AIhmIkhh Linc-olnV" At the lose of talg ;iMr-ss Kry;ufs v-oiw wia;i "wanner" and trongw tiliim in the begtnntog. Hite ey8 were dcar .-uxi sparküng ;(il ho -seomed ftMe aod ea.get m caKdttnue the -axldrcss for hours langer. Uhe ovattoa reccived by tvim as luis cloatóg words nang out bold and cle&T was even ga"eW(ter tSxen the toe Tluit greetod his fuitramee.