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Now They Are Being Turned Away

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Tnitiiy I.uiilicran dhurdi was aot large enougib to accommodatie Iflie pao-, pfle wtw were anxfcme bo be&r thr fift'h tectva i;i om "iMlgrim's ProI iiy the pastor SuihI.i.v eveninu. The pari of Ulie a'llegcwj' pre-cnicil 11k journcy thi-nu.yli ;iuiiy e eiperiemoes ... traveïers in Doutrting OasWe, and it was exoeedtogly iotereattog. Sume of those wiho ha vi' li.-ftened to tQir ontire M-rics Huis fat-, pronownceid iliis ük bet of the live. lt'scri]Mi(iK were gwxl. and the apptication of Hu11-utihs iüusti'atod to prasetl't (iay lii'r wrere polnted and practtoai. Tüe ïiefleotions upon the burkil places of the dcad and ttoe ineijuaüty of men in thcir gravee as wieflJ as in cuoir live, were, to say the least, out of the liiit' of the ordliuaiv. It Is to Say üuit ovca-y ome of the large airdience thorougbly enjoyed the service. The paftttr stmvouneed Hhat the last of the st-riea -woiald be. deürered nert Sunday eveöing.