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200 Couples At The League Party

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The Woumu's Ieagoe gave auathw of tbeir (teilgtoWal eomplimentary parties to tue zeMh'men on last Frldy cvcniiif;. The gymnasium was gadSy decora ted wij)i Americttii fiags and yellow aul blue bunting. A oozy booth for the ohapemns beiiig an-anged in lu end of fne gymnasiuin. colara of the junior aml sophomore lwsket ball twms, yt-llow aml white on one aide auü reil and black on rlit' othpr, rere teft f rom üic game on Thursday and made a pretty decoración ftrouod Ube gaMery rail. Th' Uhequamcjion oncbestra, stattonetl ijn the öenter bf tlie floor rendered deWgbtful mírate for the dancing. Tlhere wr aboul ru htindped couples on tlje f1ofr. Twelve pegulars and iv extras wi'iv danoed. in the readSng room of tibe building an immense round ba'bte, decorated in vellow and wliiu' was .set. The Meaá&'jaea Taft and EJdwílrds poured eoffee .aind members of .tüi-e League asistel in swviiiK Bbe gueats with dellins ooffee aml s;iiwwicb. 'PlH'se partfés sirc triways pteasaot iiïaii-s and tble ome was no except4o to tihe rule. Tbey t.?nd to brlng to41'1'hcr on au (Hiinil foothlg all cipuiicrs of Bbe ruivc-v.tity.