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The Weil-Known i hicago Keart Specialist FRANKLIN MILES, M. D. LL. B., will send $2.50 Worth of His New and CompleteTreatmenttoOur Readers Thi ;: better oppórtunit; forpi .ïiferiug f rom d lieart, nerves, Jiver. stomaeh o dropsy to test, f roe. a New and ■ plete Treatment of tiièse disorders JJr. Balies is wen kuovvii as a leading specialist in these diseases. and hi liberal offer is certainly wortby o serious consideration by every afflieted reader. Tbis new system of Special Treat ment ís thoroughly scientiiïc and im mensely superior to the ordinary meth ods. It includes several remedies care fully selected to suit eaeh individua case and is the final result of twenty iive years of very extensive research and experience in treating this class o diseasos. It consists of a curative elixir, tonic tablets, laxative pills and uiiilly a piaster, selected for each case. JCxtensive statistics clearly dem onstrate that Dr. Miles' New Treat ment is three times as successful as the usual treatment. Thousands of remarkablc testimo nials from prominent people will be sent free which proves the doctor to be one of thé world's most successful Mr. Julius Keister of 350 Michigan Avenue. Chicago, testlfies that i-r. cured hini aftr ten able eians had failed. Mrs. R. Trimmer of (ïrensprlng', Pa., was cured aftei many physlcians bad pronouneed hei oase "hope ess." 'o). E. B. Spileinan of the 9th UliteO States Kcgulars, loeated at San Diego, Cal., saya: "Dr. Miles' Special Treatmetn has worked wonders in my son's case when ají else failed. I had employed the best mediaal talent and had spt-nt -l,(00 in so doing. I believe he is a wonderful specialist. I conslder it my duty to recommend hiin." "For years I had severe trouble with my stomach, head, neuralgia, sinking spells and dropsy. Your treatment entlrely cured me," writes Hon. W. A. Wanen of Jamestown, N. Y. As all afflicted readers may have $2.50 wortl of treatment espeeially adapted to their case, FHEE, we would advise them to send for it at once. Address.Dr. Franklin Wlles, 201 to 209 State sr.. Chlpago. Mentlon this paper.