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Brand New Go=Carts We've got about 50 new sty'es of Go-Ă“krts. They're improved, and handhorner iban f ver. hormor" they are cheui Qot better gearingĂ­,- stxfter sprint &- easier running wheHes.- i.'ml best of all a perfpct adjastmebt An ad.justnr.ent that gives yon all the benefits of the babj-carriage, and all the advantages of the eo-cart A new adjustmentthat has revolulionized Itaeoldvay inaking carriages. It is such a great chaoge from the old go-cart and sa much better- that we cali it by a new name. Ifs the GO-CARETTE. We have them for $6.00, $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00, etc. and we'd like to have yon fee thcm, because' yciu'll surely buy a Co Cahet-pe, if 3011 tbink a lot of jour baby. 30O, 302, 3O4 SO. MAIN = 'PHONEso