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Villages Will Elect Officers

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Chelsea, Mk-h.. I-Vh. 2ft J4r. and .Mrs. A. R. Wek-h ontertained a numfcer of their irieiuis at t'heir lioine on Mtddle street east las! evenmg, the occasion tbc lOth anniversary r their marriage. Sam Troiiten. who has lx-on cm]loyl as a lircniiiii al i village liglit .-inii water plant for the past uvo .vears. has qult and Vi!l eógáge in the pursuit of a faïmer in the empjoy of iHon. Jas. (orinan ii his Lyndon farm. The municipal board of registrath will meet in the ooüncil roonas Saturday. Man-U 8, for tlit' purpose tft reg: istering all who are quaHfled to vote rit the coming viUage eleetion. The animal villaje eleetion wil, be heM Monday. SfiarcSi 10, at whirh ttme tbere ivill be a presMent, clefk three trustees for bwio years, treasurer and assessor elected. J). C. McLaren, having sold "his farm in Lima. had au aucübn sale there yslorday and sold off nearly s.imhi v.oi-th f personal property, vu. an3 M is v ported lo have been an extremely lively and wel! ancixU'd s;i !.-. Mr. and Mrs, M. L. Burkhardrt vrere il to Preedom today to altend the i'iineral o!" an auiit oi' the la': K. A. Snyder and tamily were called i jisilanti lo attend I aunt. Ailaiii Effl-er has jns; had bui large gaJvanized iron sinoke-housi )n will use in eonneetiou fv'i H ncss. Alis Lena Williani is aav il' Chetoea Telephone Co., as one at the -helio" girls, taking Che }íir-c oí -Miss Mattii' I wrbo will be nnitcd in marriage iih a Mr. Hoffiman same time this week. ■ Ohelsea people Who were injured ín the ■Hawks-Angus wreek near Ja-eksou Monday are all peïMr toemi; on the road to a speedy recovery. ■ h SchuinarlH'r. out' of Chelsea's w.ei) known lila(.-Usniiih. guffered a stroke of paralysis Moaday afteraoon, trat at lasi reports he was .-lul to be improviiif:. The Win. (Bacon-Holmes Lumber company are haring an adxütion built lo their office situated on Ntorth Main street, near the M. C. lï. tmcks. Dr. E. E. Oester, of tüxe M. E. ehurch this villüge, will go to Jackí lay. where he wUI periorm the aecessjii-y service that wil make a you'ng ole liu'mnU and wil'.-. .- Western Washtenaw Union ' club will hold ihetr next ! at the home oí Mr. and Mi-s. ■on. of this ■ "ii Marcl) ■ ■ I frl - ■' ■